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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The saga of the cake

One of the things that most sucks about being a twin is forever sharing your birthday with your sibling. Especially if you and your sibling are nothing alike and don't see eye to eye on anything, never mind how to spend their birthdays.

When they were little, I simply made one cake for him and another for her, and then it was all good. But as they got older they got more set in their ways and they not only wanted different kinds of cakes, they actively hated the other kid's choices. But not only did they hate the other kid's choice of cake, they started wanting store bought cakes. The Girl especially thinks store bought cakes are the BEST. She likes a supermarket white cake with white frosting. Ugh. But it's what she likes more than anything else. Oh, except for cheesecake. The Boy likes my cakes, but he's also a big fan of bakery cakes. Not supermarket bakeries. Not for that boy. He prefers high end bakery cakes. Fortunately we have a specialty store here in town that sells high end cakes by the slice, for a decent price. Because this momma doesn't spend upwards of $25 on a cake. No way, no how.

This year the Girl was terribly disappointed by my not having a birthday cake. A friend who was supposed to buy one bought cupcakes instead, and the Girl is STILL sulking over that gaff. She apparently believes that one is required to have cake and ONLY cake on their birthday. My friend will not make that mistake again!

Anyhow, for a full month she's been moaning and groaning about how she wants a cake, a supermarket white cake. CAKE CAKE CAKE. Right before her birthday she mentioned her cake desires and of course her brother went ballistic. No white cake for him. Chocolate inside and out.

Thinking I would outsmart them (which never happens, and I never learn) I bought and tucked away two cakes from Trader Joes. A little teeny cheesecake for the Girl, and a tiramisu cake for the Boy. The hue and cry over those damn cakes was ridiculous. They are NOT birthday cakes.

No, they're not. They are cheap but very tasty frozen cakes. But they would not do for birthday cakes. They were not acceptable and that was that. So once again the cake rose to the top of the whine charts as the day grew closer and closer. Finally, with my last few centavos, I went to the grocery store and picked out tiny 4" cakes for them. She got the white cake with white frosting and pink flowers. He got the chocolate fudge frosting on dark chocolate cake. I proudly brought them home and wanted to put candles on them and sing the birthday song.

Foolish Mom! Teenagers don't do candles and cake. I don't know what I was thinking! I must be insane. So the cakes went into the fridge and I was kinda crestfallen as they both went out with their respective friends for the evening. You know me, Ms Chopped Liver? I stayed home and worked. It's OK, I am so glad to be working the time flew by.

When the Girl got home at midnight, she dove into the fridge and pulled out..... the cheesecake. Yup. A full month and then some of whining over a damn white cake with white frosting and hideous flowers and she ignores the damn thing.

Teenagers. They make you wonder why you thought having kids was a good idea.

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Blogger BSumner said...

now you know why some animals eat their young.

25/8/08 12:22 AM  
Blogger Daisy said...

I think I had a pumpkin pie on my sixteenth. My birthday landed on Thanksgiving that year.

25/8/08 9:46 PM  

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