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Monday, August 25, 2008

Things I love about trolls

As you all know, I've got a set of trolls who follow my site pretty carefully. Oh, I find them hilarious and they're sure not hurting my hits, so I'm not going to get all upset and cry foul. In fact, they're fabulous entertainment for me. Why? Because they're so stupid and inconsistant. They try so hard to find things to bitch about that they fall all over themselves to contradict each other as well as themselves. They ignore anything that they can't complain about, but if they see something that strikes them as different than the way they would do it, oh my...it's time to attack. Except the attacks, well they kinda suck. They're just lame.

Some recent examples:

Horribly upset about how our financial troubles they scream and yell about what an asshole I am for not working. But when I get a job? Silence. Man, that must hurt not being able to complain anymore about me being a welfare (as if) queen. Because, welfare and SSDI are the same. What? You don't think so? The government doesn't agree either? But everyone is WRONG. In trolldom, welfare and disability are one and the same and they're both leaching off the goverment troughs.

My letter to my Sweet Sixteens? Emotionally abusive. Yup. That's why my kids went out with friends. They didn't want to spend time with their mean mother. Heh. Guess this troll hasn't lived with teenagers. So freaking obvious. But what really cracked me up is that this set of trolls attacks the Pioneer Woman for not "keeping it real". But when I "keep it real" in that note and say what is really happening with my kids, positive AND negative, I'm emotionally abusive. There is NOTHING in that post that anyone with teenagers would find anything other than honest. We mothers of teens all go through it every day. The slovinliness, the reliance on friends more than family, the eating... oh my god, the eating. NORMAL, people. But when you talk about it, it's emotionally abusive. Can you say contradictory? Poor dumb trolls. Not even bright enough to realize that they aren't A students in the troll dept.

Remember when the Girl bought that dress for me at Marshalls last summer? You should see how they twisted that one into something horrible. She bought me a gift. ONE PRESENT. That is VERY BAD. You should never allow your children to spend money on you. You should never teach your children to be generous, or to think more of giving than getting. THAT IS BAD. What was essentially a sweet moment had to be turned into yet another example of my incessent greed. Never mind that I said about a million times in the post that I never bought clothes for myself (hello $7 shorts...another huge controversy...how DARE I spend $7 on shorts for myself when my clothes are 2 sizes too big?) and how unusual it was that I actually liked something. But that was ignored because it didn't fit into their view of my greed. GREED for letting my child buy me something she begged me to get. Begged me. Of course I was there and I know my kid, but they know more about me and the Girl than I do.

Because they are such bad trolls, and they choose such stupid things to harp on, and one in particular has an obvious agenda to hold a hate she claims is over 15 years old, I just find it funny. I wish they were better, but stupid people make stupid trolls. Maybe they ought to quit trolling and get themselves an education. And a job. Because really, is trolling ALL they can think of to do?

Sad little people with sad little lives. And they call other people emotionally abusive. Pot...kettle...black.

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Blogger Dave2 said...

I thought this was going to be an entry about those really cool "Troll Dolls" from the 1960's. They were so cute with their wild-ass hair in funky colors and snazzy belly-button gemstones! How could you not love them to bits??

Needless to say, I'm disappointed, Margalit. I'd go all abusive now about how you lured me here under false pretenses and such... but I'm just too tired.


25/8/08 8:15 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

Troll dolls remind me of those dogs, the Chinese Crested Hairless bald dogs with troll hair. Scary. You gotta wonder why anyone would spend huge bucks on such an ugly dog.

25/8/08 11:11 PM  
Blogger madamspud169 said...

I would love one of those bald dogs with troll hair but as I can't afford one I'll have to make do with hubby.

I'm glad you can laugh at the trolls, a less strong person would have gotten upset & given up. I'd hate to see that happen to you.
Your stories of life with teens reminds me so much ofgrowing up & never fails to make me laugh.

I hope in some small way to see life with a stroppy teen as you do (if my son lives that long, he's not left the toddler suicide mission phase yet!)

26/8/08 7:55 AM  

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