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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Things I think are gross

Being awakened from a sound sleep by a kitten licking the INSIDE of my nose. My nostrils might never recover.

Maroon sheets. I do not get why anyone would buy maroon sheets. Ditto on gray sheets. Our neighbors have gray sheets and every time they hang them out to dry I shudder. I don't know why, they just gross me out.


People that spit. Outside spitters are bad, car door spitters should be shot.

A certain young man that lives in my house when he refuses to shower. Say no more.

Tattoos on necks, faces, and heads. OK, you made your point... you're alternative and heavy duty. Now let's imagine that neck when you're 70 and have a wattle. GROSS.

Gauged ears.

Hamburger Helper. Any variety.

Canned chicken stock. Liquid sodium in a can, anyone?


Peanut butter


Worms on the sidewalk after a rain. So horribly gross it makes me want to cry.

My house after a weekend of teenagers 'hanging out".

Dirty dishes in the sink.

Bloody noses

Public bathrooms

Stores that sell clothing only up to size 12. Leaving half of the population of women unable to shop in their stupid stores. Gross.

Dog drool

Litter boxes that haven't been changed often enough.

Baby snot.

My neck wattle, which gets uglier with every pound I lose. Lifestyle lift, anyone?

Back zits.

Air kisses.

So what do you think is particularly gross?

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Blogger BSumner said...

I have Dark Red sheets... They were on clearance at Target and are 400 count. When my parents visited a couple years ago, I put those sheets on their bed. My mother turned the covers back and said.. "OMG it looks like something you'd see in a New Orleans Whore House". (How do you know that, mom?).

SO now everytime she visits, I use those sheets on her bed. LOL

PS... I just emailed you.

10/8/08 9:33 PM  
Blogger Crazed Mom said...

1. Mean nasty cruel people

2. My boys' bathtub, read my current post for more in that.

3. Spitters esp. the one at my college campus. EWWWWWWWWW.

4. My boys' shoes. Damn they reek!

5. People who believe they are the shit.

10/8/08 9:35 PM  

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