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Sunday, September 14, 2008

A baby shower tale

Today the Girl and I went to a baby shower. The brand new mom is 17 and a senior in high school. While everything you hear about teenage mothers is mostly drastic and negative, I'm here to report that with a strong family behind you, parents who TAKE FAMILY LEAVE (I'm talking to YOU, Sarah Palen) to help you out, a big support system from your school and your friends, it doesn't have to be a totally negative experience. Of course nobody is forcing this girl to marry the baby daddy. In fact, quite the opposite. He's bad bad news and they're trying to keep him out of the picture before something bad happens. And the new mom has a wonderful boyfriend now, whose mother was also 17 when she had him, and so new mom has support and more support from every angle.

The party was a lot of fun. New Grandpa cooked a huge bbq roast and chicken wings. There was an amazing rice salad with corn, tomatoes, red onion, red peppers, and a soy tahini dressing. There were a lot of other salads, deviled eggs (haven't seen those since my OWN baby shower), canapes including figs wrapped in proscuitto, lots of veggies for the Girl, fruit salad, etc. Of course there were cupcakes. One cannot have a party with cupcakes these days,

The new mom is terribly shy and quiet and didn't want to open the mountains of presents in front of everyone, but we all insisted, because everyone wants to oooo and aaaaaahhhh over tiny baby stuff. So she relented and we got to see all the loot.

This girl got so much stuff. It was amazing. People were so generous and thoughtful. Of course there was a lot of cute clothings, but there were also the useful gifts.

My favorite had to be something I've never seen before, but would have snapped up in a flash had it been available 16 years ago. A combination bath kneeler with a seat so you don't break your back trying to bath baby in the big tub. Brilliant!

Some of the clothes were so cute I just wanted to grab them and run.

This pack and play was more like a condo than a place to plop a sleeping baby. It had levels and cup holders for baby's latte. Amazing.

No more hanging the johnnie jump up from the archways. Now they seem to be a combination of a walker and a jumper. Since both of my kids spent hours jumping up and down, I like that this can be moved around to where mom is working.

Baby can rock out with this mat that plays music. I told the new mom she was gonna eventually hate that!

More clothing.

I know.... more!

Yup, more.

This bear did something but I don't know what.

This was an ingenious gift. Dishwasher proof name labels for the baby's stuff when he goes to daycare in three months (Are you listening Sarah Palen?) All his bottles, diapers, clothing, pacifiers, etc. can be labeled so they won't get lost. No more toxic sharpie!

A swing.

The front hall where SOME of the stuff was piled up.

Look at that face. Isn't he worth all this loot. Such a delightful baby. He's already sleeping at night for 6 hours. He's a keeper!

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Blogger The Hotfessional said...

This is the way we need to take care of our children. XXOO to all of those involved.

Oh, and Margalit - I love the redesign. I've been lax about clicking over, but I like it!

14/9/08 7:49 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

I'm so glad she has support of her family and friends. That's more important than any other item; except, perhaps, health insurance.

14/9/08 7:57 PM  
Blogger Ranchmom said...

The baby is a complete doll. : )

I'm glad to hear this young mom has a good support system. As you know, our daughter A. is a young mom, the youngest by far in her daughter K.'s Kindergarten class, but she has good mom skills and K. is growing and thriving.

I wish the same for this young mom and her baby.

18/9/08 12:36 PM  
Blogger gillberk said...

The Baby is a Perfect Doll and You know what a “clean-up” shower is – it’s the second baby shower, the one your “work” friends throw. They are never sure what to buy because your registry has been purchased, and you keep assuring them you have everything you could possibly need.All of my presents were geared at keeping baby’s butt clean and dry and keeping Mommy sane with books for Daddy and baby to share!I will give her the best titles in baby books and smile knowing that whether she realizes it or not, this is the best baby shower anyone could ever have!


29/9/08 1:30 PM  

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