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Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Snippets

I've been taking muscle relaxants for the past couple of days because every single muscle in my body aches. I can't decide whether or not I'm sick, or just in such horrid shape that even my fingers ache. Whatevs.

Conversation with the Girl in my car today:

M: So, how are you doing with that book? (Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night)
G: I hate it.
M: Why? It's such a beautifully written book!
G: The guy is so weird and geeky.
M: But that's kinda the point.
G: (silence)
M: I mean, you get to get inside the mind of an autistic kid and see how he processes the world around him.
G: He's autistic?
THUD THUD THUD. Sound of mom smacking her head against the steering wheel.
M: Yeah, he's autistic. What did you think?
G: I thought he was just some weird guy droning on and on.
M: No, he's autistic. That's the whole point of the book, honey.
G: Oh. Well that makes sense.
G: Are you sure he's autistic. How do you know?
M: It says so in the book.
G: Oh. I didn't see that part.

And people wonder why I constantly bitch that she misses context. No freaking kidding.

On Tertia's blog, she was questioning her son Adam's inability to get time. I left a comment and said that the Girl still has no concept of time. She's constantly getting time totally confused, and it kinda drives me a little bit nuts.

This morning:

M: Why are you so GRUMPY?
G: The cats kept me awake all night.
M: That's impossible. Pepper was with me all night. We didn't even go upstairs until around 5, and then she was in bed with me until you got up.
G: No she wasn't. She was screwing around outside my door for about 2.5 hours.
M: Um, no. She wasn't. You came into my room about 5 minutes before the alarm clock went off at 6:45. She was with me until then.
G: No, she kept me up all night.
M: I'm not going to argue about this, but you're wrong about the time. She maybe played outside your door for 10 minutes, max.
G: No! It was for hours.
M: OK then. Moving on....

I love this girl with all my heart, but I worry for her future. Can someone with no concept of time and an inability to process so much of what goes on around her be an independent and successful woman? Sometimes it all just scares me beyond belief.

OTOH, she's doing great in school now that she has an actual schedule. The school however? Still a mixed up, disorganized mess. She got called into her headmaster's office for skipping ceramics. She was flabbergasted since she's already made an entire project. She marched him down the hall to the class and showed him her project. His response? "The teacher must not know who you are!" OMG, if I live through another two years of this insanity I think I should be given a gold crown.

Aaarrrrgggghhhhh... which is my entire contribution to "Talk like a Pirate Day" this year. I just don't have the energy, me mateys.

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Blogger Daisy said...

Curious Incident is on my shelf because I have a teen with Aspergers. For me it was a very frightening book; looking into the mind a child so like my own, yet so strange, was scary. I don't know if I'll reread this one.

21/9/08 4:58 PM  

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