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Saturday, September 06, 2008

McCain: Stand on your side, not in your way

Today John McCain was talking about the economy. Only he's the stupid one. His big line of the day was that he would "Stand on your side, not in your way." Can anyone tell me what that means? To the lower middle class, like me, it means jack shit. Republicans have never been on the side of the working poor, the elderly, or the disabled. NEVER. They close their eyes to the hurting population of this country, pretending that if they don't acknowledge them, they don't exist.

But they do exist, in ever expanding numbers as the unemployment rate rises, as the costs of heating oil, gasoline, food, and other commodities skyrocket, and the social services, both public and private plummet. Remember that great idea of 'faith-based' social services? When that bone-headed idea burst onto the forefront, I moaned in disgust. Not because I don't believe in faith-based help, because I do. Because when the economy tanks, the first thing that people give up in their budgets is charitable donations. As the economy fails in this country, the donations to charity have also failed to keep pace with the people in need. Years ago, when the economy was strong, say BEFORE BUSH, if you needed emergency help and called your local agency, they were there to help you, regardless of what your religion was. I could call Catholic Charities or the Salvation Army or Jewish Family Services. It didn't who, they all were willing and able to help.

Nowadays? Not so much. When I recently called JCFS they told me that they "no longer help people" which completely flummoxed me. What is their reason for being but to help people? Um, yeah. CC has no money at all, thanks to the sex scandals and the amount of money they are paying out in reparations. Salvation Army is out of money as well. Their donations have fallen, and they have been left adrift after Katrina sucked out all of their resources.

So, when John McCain says he's going to stand on your side, not in your way, I am wondering what the hell that means. More false rhetoric about how government isn't in the the job of helping it's citizens. No health care for us. No paid maternity leave for us. No social services for us. Let's make social security disappear by asking the POOR, the people who rely on SS to see them through their elderly years, to save the money themselves instead of asking the government to do so for them, which is how SS actually works now. That's a great idea. NOT.

My complaint right from the start is that McCain seems great with the platitudes, but I want more. I want to know how the Republicans are going to stand by MY side. What are they going to do for me? For MY family? What are they going to DO?

Well, we don't know, do we? Because standing by my side isn't going to help us get out of poverty, it is? Standing by my side isn't going to make social security increases a reality. Or college education more affordable. Or subsidize housing more available. Or our food supply safer and cheaper. Standing by my side isn't going to provide health care for everyone, paid maternal care, and job equality for women, is it?

Standing by my side is worthless without the ability to back it up with actual ideas. I haven't heard one thing from the McCain platform that is going to help MY family, my friends, my community. All I've heard is helping the wealthy, raping the land, continuing a useless war and allowing even more American soldiers to die for what? OIL. That, my friend, isn't going to influence me to vote for him.

What about you? Is McCain standing up for your family?

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Blogger Daisy said...

We were trying to figure out the grammar of this one. BY your side? ON your side? Which makes more sense?
Our local Salvation Army has been rockin' - rockin' with needy people, that is. I pass their food pantry often (it's not far from my home), and the crowds keep growing.

7/9/08 9:03 AM  
Blogger margalit said...

Daisy, I wonder how the SA donations are going? Does it seem like they need more $$ to help the growing crowds? Are they the only food pantry around?

7/9/08 2:10 PM  

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