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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My son the gimp

The Boy has been complaining on and off for the past month about his right knee. I finally took him to the ER, got an Xray, and was sent off to the Orthopedics clinic for an exam. He had an MRI, and today we had the appointment to get the pertinent information from the doctor. But while we were waiting for this appointment, he came home last week having hurt the OTHER knee, leaving him a functional cripple. The child was in agony. So in addition to learning the fate of the right knee, we were also going to have the left knee examined.

We delivered the MRI films to the doctor and then had a short exam where they determined that the left knee was also swollen and bruised. So both knees were Xrayed again.

Lo and behold, the right knee is injured. He broke his femur right at the end where the bone kind of ends in an upside down heart. That was so not what we all expected, but there you go. So they wrote him an excuse for missing PE for 6 weeks, which kinda bummed him because he likes his PE class. And they also recommended PT.

The left knee is sprained and he is to keep his weight off it. Ahem. What are we supposed to do, get him a wheel chair? Right now crutches aren't the answer, but he's keeping off his feet as much as possible. This is his dream come true. Laying on the sofa all day is right up his alley.

The one issue we have is that all the recommended PTs do not take our insurance. This is a major bummer. It means that I will have to call the insurance company, which could take up to half a day of being on hold. The joy of Mass Health. Hopefully there is a PT somewhere near us, because I'm not really wanting to cart this kid all over tarnation. I do have a life. It mostly consists of carting his sister all over the place. School, work, home, friends.... I'm not loving the life of a professional child driver. I don't even have a uniform!

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Blogger Fox In Detox said...

Hope he feels better soon. Broken bones, no matter where they are...suck!

16/9/08 6:45 AM  
Blogger Jendeis said...

Hoping that non-adventure and boringness finds your family sometime soon. G-D knows you could use some of it. :)

16/9/08 8:30 AM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Hope he heals well!

16/9/08 7:29 PM  

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