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Friday, September 26, 2008


Last week a friend of mine, a committed Jewish friend, passed around an email that claimed that Obama was 'bad for the Jews.' I sent her back a rather curt response about how this kind of rhetoric reeked of the McCain fear mongering, and that frankly I'm way more worried about my OWN country than I am about my country of origin. I love Israel with all my heart, but it's not falling down like a lead rock because of continual bad leadership and bad financial decisions made by trickle-down economists that refuse to see that their free-wheeling, anti-regulatory ideology caused this big economic meltdown.

So when I saw this at Daily Kos, I had to post it. I just had to let you know that Israeli citizens of all stripe are supporting Obama. They trust him. They trust his middle-east policies. They can't be scared off by born-again Christian fear mongering. They are Israelis. The strongest people in the world. And they don't need to be told who is the better candidate. Especially by McCain supporters.

These are the beautiful faces of Israel. Look at them. They hold the wisdom of their country in those shana punims.

Toda Rabah, mishpucha. Tov meyod!

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Blogger Daisy said...

Thank you for this post. I hope you shared it with the (how shall we put this?) uniformed acquaintance.

27/9/08 2:44 PM  

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