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Sunday, September 07, 2008

There is life beyond politics

I've never been afraid to detail the long list of trouble my kids have had in school, with the school, and by the school. Much has been discussed about my son's lack of application when it comes to school. It's always come so easily to him, and he's so charming in class that he gets away with murder year after year after year. Until this year. Heh.

He's taking honors English with a teacher he's had before. The teacher and he get along famously, they really respect each other, and because of that the Boy was willing to forgo his normal attitude of "I don't DO homework" and buckle down. Lucky thing, because his English teacher is pouring on the work like there's no tomorrow. And I'm loving it.

Additionally he's taking psychology with a teacher that is supposed to be a real stickler, and already has had a long and difficult assignment. In fact, he's had to write two short papers in English, and do this psychology project. There has only been one full day of school. He hasn't had his other classes yet. Methinks my Boy is going to be really busy this year.

I'm so pleased by this. I worried and worried about how the heck he's going to handle a load in college if he has no inkling of what it means to cram. He's never studied more than 15 minutes for a test, ever. He's written very few papers, and he's gotten away with doing as little as possible while still getting excellent grades. We all knew a kid that that in high school, but what is most annoying to parent such a kid is that they're actually kinda right. They don't need to work hard to do well. I'm not sure whether that is an example of a dumbed down curriculum, which doesn't really seem all that plausable considering the schooling he's had so far, or if he's just been able to bullshit his way out of everything. He is very good at the bullshit.

Regardless of the reason, the Boy will be learning how to organize thoughts before writing papers, to make the best use of his time, and to get his work done before Sunday evening at 11. So far, I'm seeing motivation, something I've never seen before. I know he wants to do well in English, and that he will work hard towards getting a good grade. After looking through the very ambitious syllabus, I can see he's going to be working his butt off.

I'm going to enjoy this. I don't mean to sound sadistic, because that's not what I feel at all. I feel intense relief that my kid, after 11 years of coasting, is finally going to get a taste of what school means to everyone else. That, my friends, is making me very very happy.

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Blogger Blog Antagonist said...

I undersand completely, as my Pubescent One is exactly the same way!! He can coast by on test grades because he can make 100's without ever studying. And, like your son, he is affable and charming and teachers have a hard time staying angry with him. They give him breaks that he DOESN'T DESERVE. They cut him lots of slack that he DOESN'T DESERVE!

He is lazy and apathetic and happy to just coast by. That bothers me, because he is SO smart, there really are no limits to what he could do. But I worry that he will end up working at McDonald's. Or worse because he is so lazy.

It sounds like this year will be good for your son. I hope next year when mine enters high school, he has a similarly rude awakening.

8/9/08 5:56 AM  
Blogger Daisy said...

A lot of high ability students crash and burn when they finally have to organize themselves. I'm glad he's hitting that wall now, not in his freshman year of college!

8/9/08 4:38 PM  

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