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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Who is the cutest thing in the whole wide world?

Why even bother to say you know who. You don't. Because it's Pepper. OMG, there isn't a day that goes by when someone in this house asks her who the cutest kitty in the whole world is. She's going through that gangly tween stage that kittens go through, where her length keeps getting longer, her legs keep getting longer, but she's as skinny as a rail. But that doesn't stop her from being the most energetic, cutest kitty ever. EVER.

She is pretty damn smart too, which makes such a change from the Worthless Pet. He's not cuddly, he's not all that bright, and next to Pepper he is looking exceptionally worthless. I mean, why get a pet that really isn't that into you?

Pepper has some very strange habits. One thing she loves to do is get into the bathtub and run around the entire border. I'm not sure why, but it's what she likes to do. Fast. Around and around and around. She also loves to get into the oval shaped laundry basket when it's empty and chase her tail around and around. Mostly at around 4 am. Because nothing is more fun than making lots of noise in the middle of the night.

I know when we got Pepper than more than a few people were concerned about getting another cat when we're obviously so poor. But, the thing is, she's brought our family together in ways that nothing else can. My kids are so madly in love with her that they sit together and gush over her cuteness for hours. We all just can't believe we have such a cutie pie living with us, and we talk about her endlessly. She's so lightened the atmosphere in this house, making us all more relaxed and happy. The tension relief is palpable. It's hard to believe that one teeny kitten could make such a difference, but she has. And I knew she would. My poor kids have lived for years with Worthless Pet and he's really done nothing to exite them. Oh, the Girl loves his fat tummy hanging down like extra baggage, and he'll snuggle with her, but he isn't the kind of pet that would bring a family together.

Pepper, on the other hand, is incredibly snuggly, sleeps with anyone who lays down with her, gives delightful "eskimo" kisses, likes to lick your chin, and is so lovey that she almost wants to get in your skin with you. This is a cat that is madly in love with us and lets us know that a million times a day. For the Boy especially, this is a major gift from God. He's never connected to another pet, but he is gaga over Pepper.

And that's why it's worth the extra expense to me. My kids have grown closer, they have something new to love, they're both much more responsible with the cats, and this is very good news.

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Blogger sss said...

" I mean, why get a pet that really isn't that into you?"
that statement is so funny and so true!lol

18/9/08 11:03 PM  
Blogger thecatsmeow said...

OMG...cuteness overload from the little bitty kitteh!! I have a grey tiger, too, and he's still just as cute, even though he's three now. Enjoy the little fur ball!

19/9/08 4:42 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Oh, I forgot about your lovely pets. I can't move in and (not) do your dishes; I'm allergic to the cute and lovely kitties that live in your home.

19/9/08 8:39 PM  

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