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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The excitement! The Tension! The Rummage Sale

My Girl has been patiently waiting for months for a local synagogue's rummage sale. A friend of mine told her all about the sale, and how she could get a bunch of clothing for pennies on the dollar. Just the kind of shopping the Girl and I both love. Cheap and plentiful!

A friend of the Girls wanted to come, so she showed up way early, and we had extra time so I took the Girl to the consignment shop to pick up a check she had waiting for her. Unfortunately, they did not have the check ready so we have to go back tomorrow. But that didn't stop us from looking at all the merchandise and oooing and aaaahing over several items. There was a pair of riding boots that I fell in love with. Of course, not my size. Nothing is EVERY my gigantic size. That's why I wear crocs every flipping day. Nothing else ever fits. But I digress.

Off to the synagogue to stand in an amazingly long line of hopeful customers. We got there early enough to have prime grabbing rights, and we had a plan. It's always helpful to have a plan. I went right to purses, the Girl and her friend hit the women's clothing piles, and I found a nice private spot way in the back to pile all our stuff for later sorting.

Purses were disappointing. I found one I though the Girl might like, but I got that "are you insane" look so I put it right back! I also found a bunch of clothes for the Girl and piled them high in my secret spot. She and her friend weren't that good at poking through the piles, so I had to show them how to go under and grab to find stuff nobody else had found. And thus illustrated with a pair of 7 For all Mankind corderoys. Heh. I rock the rummage sale. I also found her a cashmere sweater, a bunch of jeans, a down vest, some polo shirts, etc. I was a shopping machine.

Sorting the stuff was funny. She pulled out a pair of flip flops and I almost plotzed. Flip Flops? In winter? At a rummage sale? Is she nuts? But they were J Crew flip flops and that's her favorite brand and it's her money blah blah blah. Some of the stuff I picked out she hated. Shocking! Some of the stuff she loved. There was a long black crepe fancy dress with sequins all over it that I found. It was in perfect shape. Her friend bought it for Halloween! She can be Morticia. It was gorgeous.

Meanwhile, I sauntered over to the Men's pile and found a perfect, brand new pair of Louis of Boston corderoy pants for the Boy. I would bet those pants costs a couple hundred bucks at Louis, but we just smushed them into our bag. There were other things we could have bought, but we went over the limit of what the Girl was willing to spend.

Funny thing about my daughter. When she was living off my money she was little Miss Spendthrift. But with her own money? Little Miss Tightwad. She hates spending her own money. It totally cracks me up, but I'm so glad that she wants to save. She seems to intuitively understand that spending every penny you have the second it hits your pocket isn't the smartest move. Unfortunately, her brother has not yet gotten that message.

We need to find more of these types of sales. She's all psyched about new (old) clothes. I'm loving my little cheapskate this afternoon!

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Blogger Daisy said...

Sales like this are great! You know the tricks; she needs to learn the tricks of the trade to get the best deals.

27/10/08 8:42 PM  

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