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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hey! I heard the Red Sox won again last night!

I wouldn't know, of course. The games are only on cable so us non-cable folks are blocked from watching the playoffs. This is the first time the playoffs were blocked. The regular season, sure. A few home games on FOX, but otherwise, no chance to see the home town team for free. The playoffs. I can't watch the playoffs! And I have no clue as to whether the World Series are going to be blocked as well.

Now, I understand that baseball is a business run by people whose job it is to be money-grubbing asshats. I get that. But there are a lot of people out there, people with kids, that want to see these games. People who are huge fans and can't even think about the cost of actually attending a game (what, close to a thousand bucks for a family of 4 with parking and food and a concession stand trinket?) but who want to watch their team in the playoffs. Now we have to pay for that as well.

In this economy, when people are making hard choices about what they can afford, cable is often the first to go. It's ridiculously expensive, and there is no guarantee, as viewers found out last night, that they're even going to see a whole game. Who the hell is Steve Garvey anyhow? If I were paying $60 a month to watch TV and TBS screwed up like that, I'd be LIVID. You can bet Comcast isn't gonna offer viewers money back, either.

Television is one of the few absolutely free entertainments a family can enjoy. And yes, non-cable TV is enjoyable. It might be limited, but I can see Lost, House, Amazing Race, and All My Children for free. That alone makes me happy. I can't afford to go to a sports bar and spend money on alcohol I don't need to watch a game I can't hear in seats that aren't my sofa at home. I want to be able to watch a Red Sox game in my own home.

I can see football out the wazoo. Basketball, too. Hockey as well. But baseball? Nope. Because the asshat team owners voted to limit baseball to the wealthier folks so they could make even more money. I just have to wonder how much of a loss it will be long term once people start dropping their cable connections to save a buck. It's very easy to lose fans that haven't hung in for decades, like we have. The strike certainly showed that. People are fickle. They'll move on to what they can see. My son, for example, was an AVID Red Sox fan until they took the games off free TV. Now, he's more of a Patriots guy.

If the World Series isn't on regular old rabbit ears TV, I'm gonna be really really pissed off. I am sure I'm not alone. It's really unfair to charge people just to watch a game. OK, charge outrageous ticket prices to the games. Pay the players salaries they don't even earn (I'm thinking of you, Mr Shilling). But do not charge the general public for the privilege of watching a game. That's criminal.

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Blogger Jean from NY said...

Fear not! The World Series will be on the FOX network so you non cable folk will be able to watch. Of course it is the FOX network, but at least its not cable.

19/10/08 9:10 AM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Our locals are having the opposite trouble: our Fox station is on DishTV and AT&T U-Verse, but not on Time Warner Cable. Folks with TWC have to get rabbit ears to watch FOX. Contract dispute between parent company and cable company...lousy. And this in Packer country, too.

19/10/08 3:56 PM  

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