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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just about all thawed out

Our furnace broke sometime yesterday and by midnight it was freaking COLD in the house. I called the gas company and they promised to be here to check out the problem by noon today. The repairman appeared before 9 am this morning, went down to the basement and banged around down there for a bit, and then came back up and declared the furnace fixed. He told me to turn up the thermostats and it would warm up in about a half hour.

At 10:30 it was just as cold as it was last night, so I called the gas company again, and they said they would send someone out asap. The same guy appeared about 11, went downstairs, banged around down there for a bit and came back up, declaring it really really fixed.

By noon it was still freezing cold. Wash, rinse and repeat for a third time. This time the same guy went downstairs, banged around for about 2 seconds, and voila, the furnace finally went on.

I had a meeting at 1 in a nearby coffee shop, so off I went with a core temp of about 90 degrees. I mean it, I was a human popsicle. I got to the coffee shop, and I was so cold that my entire body was shaking uncontrollably, even though the coffee shop was warm. Or so I thought. I was so cold that it seemed warm. I got a giant cup of coffee and wrapped my hands around it to thaw them out. But the strange thing was, I was so cold that I just really couldn't warm up, even with two big bowls of hot hot coffee.

Now, I live in New England where it is cold much of the year. I'm used to cold. I don't love cold, but I'd much rather be cold than hot. I hate being hot. Hate it with a passion. But this cold was different than the normal cold. I think I really had lowered my body temp so much that I was probably one step away from hypothermia. It took hours and hours to thaw out, I've still got the heat turned up way higher than normal, and I'm still cold. My hands are no longer like ice cubes, but I'm colder than I can remember being indoors ever. It's more like that cold you feel when you get off the slopes after a long day of skiing, where your body is tired and your muscles feel the deep ache of the cold. So freaking weird.

Of course, now I'm totally paranoid that the furnace will break again when it's REALLY cold this winter. We don't have a fireplace, so the only thing we can do to keep warm is sit around the electric oven. Very romantic!

Tomorrow I'm heading for the JCC where I will sit in the whirlpool and then the sauna until my body overheats and I finally get warm. Followed by a hot shower, and then a ride home with the heat on high.

Doesn't that sound good?

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Blogger Daisy said...

Heat isn't optional in the North. I hope your furnace works well through the winter.

23/10/08 9:06 PM  

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