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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An ode to Bloglines

For many years you've been my friend, dear Bloglines.
But this week, you have let me down.
You stopped updating my feeds.
You started to hang.
Some blogs were in my feeds in bold.
Other blogs had that red exclamation mark next to their names.

My stats started going down a bit.
Because this blog wasn't propogating either.
Bloglines, we count on you to work every day.
When you don't, we fall behind.
Once behind it is hard to catch up.
And that means something very harsh.

Google Reader, I don't much like you.
Your interface is strange, your updates erratic.
But you don't hang and you don't leave me hanging.
Wondering who is updating and what that
stupid red exclamation mark really means.
I would rather not commit to you, Google.
But I'm being forced into it by Bloglines.

Hopefully this will only be temporary.
Bloglines will recover from whatever illness
it is suffering and come back full force.
I'll see all the updates in my reader in bright bold
and I'll be able to keep up with everyone's blogs.
Until that day I have to say goodbye
and hold my nose and use Google Readers.

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OpenID cahwyguy said...

Alternatively, you could get an LJ and read your blogs via LJ syndications :-)

14/10/08 5:06 PM  
Blogger Jendeis said...

Same thing happened to me. So used to Bloglines and have now switched over to Google Reader.

Did you delete your Bloglines account(I haven't yet)? I wonder if they know that it's becoming a mass exodus.

15/10/08 9:01 AM  
Blogger AG said...

You're not alone -- I'm migrating out this weekend. And no I don't like Google reader either, but there's obviously something terribly wrong at Bloglines at this point, and with the forums down I can't even sense whether anyone realizes it.

Sad day. (But a great post! :-) )

17/10/08 4:03 PM  

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