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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I've been getting a lot of email from readers recently, asking me various and sundry questions about stuff I don't really discuss on the old blog. Today someone asked about any plans that I had in place to care for the kids if and when I get sicker. While I do have some plans in place, they aren't plans I really want for my kids for a variety of reasons. I'm trying to figure out a way where, if something happened and I had to be hospitalized for a long time, I would have coverage for the kids. Coincidentally, just this morning I had a team meeting to discuss just this topic. Representatives of various state agencies came to the meeting, and we tackled a nice brainstorming session and came up with some decent avenues to explore. So, while I'm not going to tell you all just what we came up with, and what direction we're going, I do want to assure you that we are working on this issue and will be coming up with workable solutions sometime in the near future.

In the category of very sad news, our beloved psychopharm told us today that he is leaving his practice. He's just had a significant birthday (73) and he's going to retire from our particular clinic and work only part time in another clinic in Worcester. If you live in that direction and are looking for a child psych, this guy is the BEST. But, that kinda leaves us blowing in the wind and I'm very unhappy about it. It takes a long time to work well with a psychopharm, to develop a sense of trust, to know that the doctor gets your kid and your feelings about how things are going. We worked beautifully together for many many years, and he's got the Boy in a really stable situation. The thought of moving to someone new leaves a terrible taste in my mouth.

I fell asleep half-way though the debate. I'm so tired and feeling so down about the psychopharm that I just couldn't keep my eyes open. In reading about what I missed, it doesn't sound like anything particularly ground-breaking happened. What I saw was McCain, who walks very strangely like his hips are killing him, not answering the questions and Obama doing a better job of at least trying to offer up solutions to the questions posed.

In the Good News category, the Red Sox have made it into the ALCS, and will be playing Tampa Bay. They have a great chance of beating Tampa. It appears that they may end up facing the Dodgers in the World Series, and I must share that so many locals are hoping that happens just so they can let Manny know just how we feel about him. In spades. With rotten tomatoes.

Hope you had a better day than I did.

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Blogger hschinske said...

So sorry about your doctor going away. I hate changing doctors, even though I don't have nearly as strong a need for any particular one, and it seems as though we've had a real revolving door on doctors lately. But at least the guy is still there -- you could have the new one call him up, couldn't you?

8/10/08 9:25 AM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Our counselor/therapists is no longer "network" and therefore costs more. We'd like to convince her to join the network so we don't have to leave her. She really does well with my son.

8/10/08 11:10 AM  

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