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Monday, October 06, 2008

This election is killing me

A couple of weeks ago I alluded to the fact that the stress of the election was taking it's toll on my health. For someone who is supposed to be living a relaxed, calm life, I'm about as calm as is Pepper at 4 am when she has the kitten crazies. In other words, I'm letting my excitement and involvement begin to harm me physically.

Since I got out of the hospital I am just not bouncing back. I'm spending copious amounts of my free time coughing up phlem, as my lungs are filled and crackling. This isn't good. I know it isn't good, but I'm just not able to regulate the amount of liquid going in with the amount of liquid being made into viscous phlem. I know, it's so attractive sounding, isn't it? I guess I should just say that I'm a wreck. But that's just physically. Mentally I'm totally alert and absolutely enthralled by the whole political train wreck. You might have guessed that, huh?

I have nothing else to think about. It's the old 'kids in school, I drive them hither and yon, I go to medical appointments and school meetings, and worry about the economy' thing. Yeah, there are times when things escalate and get a bit out of balance but essentially I'm just doing what I'm supposed to be doing, but the election is adding all the entertainment and certainly all the spice in my life.

So what's a political junkie to do when she knows that her habit is affecting her health? I can't go cold turkey. That's not even an option. So I need to give myself some limits. I can't stop watching the debates. I freaking live for those debates. So that's absolutely out.

I have to cut down on my political blogs. I know it, I'm terribly sad about it. But I have to. Because I keep reading all these links and my blood starts boiling and I want to tell you all about what I've found because I'm so furious with McCain and Palin, and it all gets into a vicious circle.

On Plurk today someone asked if this campaign seems to be more vicious, more aggressive, more MORE. People all agreed that it did but they weren't sure why. But to me, the reason why is obvious. YouTube. I blame it all on YouTube. We get to relive every second of every minute of every day in this election. There isn't a soundbite we haven't seen gone viral. We're literally on information overload. Or at least I am. You might be better behaved then I am.

I get stuff in my email that I feel I have to share with you. I read stuff on Daily Kos or the Huffington Post or a bazillion other links and I'm all.... I have to show this to my readers. Right frigging NOW.

We've become junior reporters, us political bloggers. I wonder if this is what kids feel like their first year out of journalism school when they get their initial job as an investigative reporter. Should I get a fedora and put one of those cardboard Press passes in the ribbon? Should I change my name to Jimmy Olson?

I've been voting since mumble 1972 and I've always been a very active and involved voter. I take interest in local city politics with the same fervor than I do national. I was raised in a home where politics was a given topic every night around the dining table. But holy shit, I have never felt the amount of information overload that I feel this go round. I am starting to wonder if this is what it feels to be an Aspie... all this information coming at me from all directions and I don't seem to be able to shut it off.

But I really need to dial it back because honestly, I feel like crap all the time. I'm tired, I'm crabby as hell, and there is that breathing thing. Overrated that breathing is, I still need to do it.

So my lovlies. What else should I write about? Anything you've been wondering about? Anything that's been on your mind concerning me, the kids or the cats? Because I can't think of a damn thing. Except those Red Sox. And they're not going to calm me down one bit!

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Blogger Daisy said...

My mother had a TIA during the VP debate. She thinks Palin just drove her blood pressure sky high. I'm worried, but she's not. Well, that's mom!

6/10/08 8:31 PM  
Blogger Nina said...

It's killing me too. I yell back at the TV constantly, I scream aloud in the car. I'm a wreck. All I do is surf CNN, MSNBC, and then check in on the "enemy" camp at FOX and on talk radio. Keeping up with Kos is like running a marathon, but I can't stop.

7/10/08 10:33 AM  
Blogger DWARG said...

We are doomed. It doesn't matter who wins this election. Based on the outrageous accusations both parties' supporters have become comfortable labeling their opposition with and the lengths they will go to vilify anyone that doesn't buy into their extremist ideology, we've already lost. A lot of Americans died to defend our right to free speech, among other freedoms. Now the coddled citizenry is willing to go to war with one another to take those rights away from themselves. Where did we go wrong?

24/10/08 1:39 AM  

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