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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You wouldn't believe what a day we had

Today will go down in history as the most bizarre day in a very long time. A lot of it I can't share, because it's not MY story to tell, but suffice it to say that the day started with tears and hair remorse, moved on to huge amount of school drama with someone's parent being tasered at school after slamming his kid against a wall and breaking said kid's arm. Then there was a lot of speculation over what happened and why and how and where and lord knows what else with phone calls back and forth as the rumors went wild.

With all this drama and excitement I almost forgot that tonight was the college fair and we had to get our butts in gear and get over to school. Of course we got there and there were lovely Volvos in the two handicap spots, neither of which had any right to park there. That always makes me SO happy. Assholes. So I had to park illegally while those two jerkoffs were in my space. Of course this made my kids absolutely apoplectic because lord knows, I might actually SAY something or complain or something. How mortifying. So of course I complained at the front office, but they did absolutely nothing. SHOCKING!

The college fair was packed to the gills, and suprisingly the Boy, who is graduating this year, had absolutely no interest in looking at any college but was very interested in picking apart everything I said or did. He's so delightful at times. At one point I turned around to him and said "Can I do ANYTHING right?" He didn't get the hint.

We went up to every college that I thought he might be interested in or could be a likely spot for him. I would say, "Oh, Bard college. It's in upstate NY, a small liberal arts school, kind of selective, but very quirky." He would grunt. I would say "Do you want to talk to them?" He would grunt and say "Why?" I thought of killing him right then and there, but then he saw some friends of his and realized that it wasn't just for preppies, and was a lot less obnoxious. Still rude as hell, but then again, when isn't he?

The Girl, on the other hand, was totally into the whole college fair thing. She walked around with her boyfriend and choose the colleges that looked the prettiest. She wants to study abroad, take art classes, and do something interesting. Maybe furniture making. Or silversmithing. She wants to be a craftsperson, not a fine artist. I think we'll find some good programs for her next year.

We got home and had to go over all the brochures and they had to make fun of each other choices because that's what they do.

Meanwhile, the cats are fighting and running all over the house with hissing and fighting and all I want to do is put a pillow over my head and disappear forever.

The end.

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