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Friday, November 28, 2008

And we're OFF!

The holiday spend like you're insane season has begun. It's black friday, which is not a racial slur, but is a term used by retailers to connote the day that they usually turn in their old ledgers from red ink (deficits) to black (profits). It's the day that retailers hope and pray will allow them to remain open another year. Well, good luck to them. I think it's going to be a really tough year for so many small business owners. A friend of mine who owns a small gift store in a neighboring town is really hurting right now. People just aren't spending what they have in the past, and if they are shopping, it's on less frivilous items. This is going to be the year of the LCD Flat Panel. Between the stupid change we all have to make to go digital in February, and the price of cable going through changes, people are going to be replacing their televisions in droves.

Me, I have an HDTV already that we use with the strange antenna, and that's what is going to have to suffice for us. As far as Chanukkah is concerned, it will be extremely lean. My kids are old enough to know how bad the economy has hit our family and they really don't expect anything. They see their friends getting cars and laptops and all sorts of booty, but I think this year will be a lot leaner for even the rich kids in town.

Other than a new washer/dryer, there isn't anything we really need as a family. We have our teeny car, our teeny house, plenty of clothing, and each other. We're always going to want, but we don't need, and since I've declared this the year of need, we're resorting to items like socks and underwear for gifts. Reminds me of Danny Kaye singing, "Dear Aunt Sally, Thank you very much for the UNDERWEAR. I always wanted..... UNDERWEAR." If it's good enough for Danny Kaye, it's good enough for my family.

I've never experienced the Black Friday shopping frenzy and I daresay I won't ever in my lifetime. I get that people want bargains, but I don't think I'm interested in hitting a store at 4 am. Even to save a buck or two. But you never know. If I could get a set of front loading washer and a dryer with a steam setting for $299, I MIGHT be tempted.

Happy shopping. Keep my mantra of Want vs Need in your mind.

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Blogger Ryan said...

You do know that the change to digital has nothing to do with a flat panel HDTV, right?

Or that if you get cable, and have a cable box, that there's nothing to worry about because it's most likely already a digital converter box...

The only people who have to worry are the people with rabbit ears and an older tv. and even then they just needs a converter box.

28/11/08 7:34 AM  
Blogger margalit said...

Ryan, we have one TV that will work. We don't have cable or Satellite. We can get a converter box for the older TV, but one of the TVs we have is so ancient it doesn't even have input/output ports on it. And it works PERFECTLY now.

We were just talking about this today and the kids want to add to our FIOS, which will be cheaper than cable. We agreed to split the cost. I think that will work best for us.

28/11/08 2:07 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

"We're always going to want, but we don't need." You have a wonderful attitude. Have a great December.

28/11/08 3:48 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

margalit, If you get FIOS TV, or a DISH, then you should be all set without any boxes.

Just wanted to point out that new (HDTV) TV's aren't necessary, unless you want one, as it's a common misconception with the change to digital.

My grandparents for example, not being up on the technical stuff, thought they needed to go out and buy a flat screen. Not true, since they have cable.

the converter boxes are for the old rabbit ears (or the better rooftop antenna), so some models should be able to fit onto old RF connections from years and years ago.

Bet then again, who doesn;t want a new HDTV?

2/12/08 10:28 AM  

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