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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Firefox and passwords: What's the deal?

I am a dedicated Firefox user. Long term, too. I've been using it for years now, and I really love almost everything about it. Yes, it's a bit of a memory hog, but I can learn to get around that problem. Otherwise, I'm damn happy with it...except for one teeny tiny thing that drives me absolutely bonkers.

Remember a few month back when we all downloaded V2.0 and were so psyched with the latest and greatest version? Well, my issue started back then. It seems that V2.0 doesn't like to remember my passwords. I have to sign in every time I use Yahoo for email. That, my friends, is annoying. So I added Roboform and put in all the passwords to the various frequently visited sites I use. Except that Roboform and Firefox? Not the best of friends. Oh, they like each other well enough much of the time, but when they have issues, they have big issues. Issues like not remembering my passwords even though they are loaded time and time again. I don't like that.

Everytime Firefox comes out with a revision it's downloaded automatically as soon as I try to open up my browser. We all like that, it's easy and fast. Well, I'm not such a great fan of the autoload because every time there's a Firefox update, it screwes up my passwords anew. The other day there was a new revision, and this time it was like Firefox was hell bent on making me cry.

Usually, with Roboform, once you've filled out a form on a blog where you comment, that form is refilled each and every time. Except... when it doesn't. But when it doesn't, you just have to enter the first letter of what goes in the form, and the selection box brings up your name, email address, and blogID. Except when it doesn't. This time, a bunch of weird strange names, emails, and blogIDs come up. They are blogs I don't know, have no relationship with, and have no clue why they are showing up in the selection boxes. It's as if there is some gremlin in my computer changing my name to mark@mailexchange.com when in reality, I'm just lil' old me.

It's not a huge deal, and eventually I'll figure out another work around just in time for Firefox to do yet another auto download and screw it up again. It's sort of a game, but a really annoying one.

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Blogger Not Whitey Bulger said...






choose your options to stop auto download.

16/11/08 8:50 PM  

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