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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

For once I don't have to

Every year for so many many years I've cooked Thanksgiving dinner. It's my son's favorite meal, by far, and both of my kids look forward to the turkey, which they both love. The Boy loves everything I make, from the sweet potatoes to cranberry stuffing to 2 or 3 cranberry sauces. And of course they both love the pies.

If I do say so myself, I make a mean Thanksgiving dinner. I don't much deviate from the traditional meal, although I've never in my life eaten that green bean casserole with the canned onions and I'm not intending to try it any time soon. But I do make roasted brussel sprouts that both kids rave over. We're big on the sprouts in my family.

I work hard on the turkey. I use only fresh herbs and pure italian olive oil to make an herb paste that I rub under the skin and then again on top. It adds fabulous flavor and looks absolutely gorgeous. I also make the stuffing from scratch using cranberries, apples, pecans, fresh herbs, and a few day old baguettes. Totally yummy.

It's hard to do everything myself but I do it without complaint because I know how much my kids adore this holiday and this meal. So much in fact, that they ask me to make it again for every Jewish holiday, too. But this year it's just too expensive and I was thinking about not doing it rather than to spend so much money on one meal.

Fortunately, one of the moms in my parent support group runs a foundation just for the moms and their families, and she offered to get us an entire Thanksgiving dinner cooked from a local high quality market. My mouth dropped open with amazement when she asked me. I was so shocked and so thrilled to say "yes". I don't have to cook. I can just unpack the dinner, get it all heated up (she says it takes a couple of hours to get it all ready) and serve it. Is that not the BEST present ever? EVER? I'm so excited.

But the kids? They were kind of woebegone when I told them. "You're not cooking?" the boy said with great disappointment. "Nope" I told him. And then he said the words that make being his mother totally worth it. "But I like YOUR turkey the best. Nobody makes it as good as you do. You're a better cook than anybody."

Well, that's not really true. I'm an average to good cook, but honestly I make one hell of a great Thanksgiving dinner. Too bad you're not going to get to have some this year because I am taking the day off. I am NOT cooking this year.

Oh, the dinner only comes with one pie, so I told the kids that I'd make another one, either pumpkin or apple depending on what we get. No problem, we have all the stuff here for pies and how easy are they to make, anyhow?

Knowing me, I'll have to make cranberry orange relish anyhow. I love that stuff. I could eat gallons of it! But the rest of the dinner... I'm not cooking. Except maybe for the roasted brussel sprouts....

I am absolutely hopeless!

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Blogger bethany actually said...

This post reminded me that I really want to try your turkey...and yet again I am not cooking the bird for Thanksgiving, dangit. I might have to try it for Christmas.

And hooray for pre-cooked meals for tired moms! :-)

13/11/08 2:47 AM  
Blogger margalit said...

Oh, where are you going for Thanksgiving. I swear, you are the most well traveled mom I know. You're always off someplace or another!

13/11/08 10:01 AM  

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