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Thursday, November 06, 2008

I'm channeling Amy Pohler this morning

To the morons who run my fair city:

Really? I mean REALLY? Did you think it was a good idea to build a high school in a 1950's suburban neighborhood with tiny winding streets? Really?

And did you notice when you built that high school that there was no way to get to it by any main road from the south side, thus causing huge traffic jams every single morning and afternoon? Really?

And that this morning, when it was pouring rain and windy and the streets were covered with leaves and the sidewalks were 6 inches deep in slippery piles of leaves left by the various landscape companies, you decided to close EVERY FREAKING STREET that heads to the high school except Hagen, causing a massive traffic jam. Did you think this was a good idea? Really? REALLY?

A traffic jam that totally tied up Parker St on both sides so that getting to the high school on time was nigh on impossible. You thought this was a good time to scrape and repave the roads leading into the high school? REALLY?

With some of the tiny roads marked "road closed" but with no suggestion as to how to get to the GD high school? This was a good idea? Really?

Especially when we have a reverse 911 system that wakes up the whole damn community at 5:30 in the morning on snow days and Jeff Young could have warned parents that the school roads were inundated with paving trucks making them less than one car lane wide. Really? This was well thought out? REALLY?


Mayor Cohen, Jeff Young and whomever makes decisions on when and how to scrape and pave the roads, didn't it occur to you that summer MIGHT just have been a better time to do massive amounts of road construction leading into the high school. Really? Holy Christ, REALLY?

You are all total asshats. Really. Really. Why don't you pick up my kid from school this afternoon. I advise taking an extra half hour to navigate Parker and another half hour to figure out how to get into the school 'hood from Parker. I'm sure you'll have a ton of fun. Really.


Addendum: In the "You can get there from here but you can't get home file", they have now blocked off EVERY possible way to get out of that neighborhood but to get on Rt 9 east and drive all the way up to Chestnut Hill, turn around at the mall, and head back down Rt 9 west. What should take 5 minutes and is about a mile and a half drive now takes more than a half hour and is about a 5 mile drive. EXCELLENT PLANNING, asshats. Really.

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OpenID cartoongoddess said...

I know Parker St. Crazy enough during microcar event, on a non-school day during summer. Can't imagine the mess on a weekday when the kids are in class.

Hope it improves.

6/11/08 2:46 PM  

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