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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Justice for Anne Coulter

You know, when you hear that stuff about Karma biting you in the ass, well.... do you believe it? I rarely do, because I don't think that most horrible people get their just desserts. But then something happens and I think Karma is a really good thing.

Anne Coulter. Meanest mouth in the USA. Most horrible woman ever living off her looks. Biggest asshat in the conservative stable of loudmouth hate pundits.

Poor Anne broke her jaw and her mouth has been wired shut. Is that not the BEST example of just retribution ever?

When we go around the Thanksgiving table on Thursday, this is one of the things I'm most thankful for. That, the election, watching Elizabeth Hassleback squirm, and having feelings of hope for the first time in dozens of years.

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Blogger Daisy said...

Is it nasty that I'm giggling?!

25/11/08 7:55 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

No, not at all. I'm outright laughing my ass off.

26/11/08 1:01 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

I know! I just twittered about it, I couldn't believe it either. Karma definitely came back and bit her in the ass but good!

26/11/08 6:43 AM  
Blogger CharmingDriver said...

I wouldn't piss in Ann Coulter's mouth if her teeth were on fire but because of a) human decency and b) exactly the idea of karma, I could never celebrate and give thanks for pain and injury to someone else.

29/11/08 11:23 AM  

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