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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Lobster Tales

Pepper, who is no longer an itty bitty kitten, has many 'interesting' habits. She likes to dig in the bag of dog food someone once bought by mistake. She gets way in the bag, pulls out a piece that's a rather large chunk of kibble, and chews it up like it's nothing special. The chunk is huge. I don't know how she gets them in her mouth.

She loves to hunt from the living room windows. We have the most ridiculously HUGE bushes outside our house. The bushes attract small birds like sparrows and starlings. Pepper is beside herself with joy when they hang out in the bushes, and gets all tiger hunter crazy darting from one window to another. Then, when she gets frustrated, she jumps up on the window shades and pulls them up all the way to the top for a better view.

She has learned how to turn on the light in the front hall closet. It isn't easy. To do so she has to climb up the back of the ironing board (used once in 4 years) and then pull on the little chain. It's weird to see the light switch on all of a sudden when I'm alone in the house.

If we put a tablecloth on the dining room table, she likes to make a game of it by sliding on it like a slip and slide. She thinks this is grand fun. It is especially fun when there is stuff atop the tablecloth that she can knock down onto the floor. Like books and papers. Wheeeee!

She is under the tablecloth. Really. That lump on the bottom is Pepper.

She has figured out how to turn off both the computer and the TV by stepping on the power strip where the switch glows red. Nothing is more infuriating than being in the middle of something work related on the computer and have it go dead as a doornail. But that's not all. She also knows how to turn off the printer and does so all the time. She's one smart cookie.

She loves to climb up the laundry rack. Especially when there is laundry on it. She can get all the way to the top and sit up on an entire load of clean drying laundry and play hide and seek in the clothes. We have yet to get a picture of this, but we do keep trying.

The weirdest habit she has though, is that she likes to play with a big stuffed lobster. No matter where the lobster is in the house, she will drag it downstairs and place it in the middle of the kitchen floor. I believe she's asking for a nice boiled lobster dinner. Unfortunately, this is a blue and green lobster of unknown origin and I don't think it would be very tasty.

This morning I brought the lobster upstairs, and tossed it into the Girl's room. About an hour later I heard weird noises eminating from the Girl's room and went to check. Sure enough, Pepper was dragging the lobster across the floor in order to place it down one level on the kitchen floor.

It isn't that she plays with the lobster. Oh no. She has another, more appropriately sized pink bear that she plays with and also drags all over the house. In fact, it's right behind me as I type this post. I honestly believe that she thinks the lobster belongs on the kitchen floor, and she's just doing her job as a housecat in ensuring that its in its right place... which is very weird.

One last Pepper thing. She has learned the art of whining. Oh man, does she whine. She wants to be outside. All the time.

We started letting her out supervised, but once she was out, it was like she was released from prison. She is the worst sneak I've ever seen, and she darts out that door faster than you can actually focus on her. But once she's outside, she doesn't really know what to do. She sticks right by the house and if you open the door for her in a couple of minutes, she wants to come back in. Only to start the whining all over again. It's one horrible whine too.

Once she got stuck between the door and the storm door. The screams were frightening. She was outraged. Outraged, I tell you!

Standoff. Worthless pet is pissed. Pepper is hiding under the books and papers. FUN!

Worthless Pet still hates her and is very badly behaved around her. He sulks and starts fights and spits and hisses, but he hasn't done her any harm at all and she's totally not afraid of him. She completely ignores his hissy fits and does whatever she likes.

She is one hot ticket. And so very very funny.

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Blogger Daisy said...

So much fun! I miss having kitties. Allergies did me in; gave cat to my brother. Now we have rabbits, and they're fun in their own way, too.

1/11/08 6:21 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

too funny!! My own Phoebe isn't quite so sophisticated, but she does love to snuggle next to me while I am madly hopping from blog to blog!!

2/11/08 8:45 AM  

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