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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No election downtime for my city

Remember that big election we had a week or so back? That one that took all of our time and energy for say, 18 months? Yeah, that one.

Remember how we all swore we were going to enjoy the election downtime, get back to our regular lives, and relax until the coronation swearing in? How we were kind of numb to not checking Daily Kos and Huffington sites every hour? How we weren't going to know what to do with our spare time?

Well, in my little city we are still in the midst of election fever. It's time for candidates to throw their hats into the mayoral ring, and we're getting videos on YouTube, lots of early campaigning, and even more speculation as to who will be on the final slate of candidates.

The race is the talk of the town. We're very very unhappy with our current Mayor and everyone is counting the days until we've seen his backside. But with every race, there are questions: Will Ruth Balser renounce her allegiance to the current mayor? Who is Setti Warren besides a guy just back from Iraq? Is Ken Parker old enough to run for office? Where did Elaine Gentile come from and who is she? Will Tom Scheff run again? Who will be on the Police Chief search committee? Will Geoff Epstein take over the school committee? Can we get rid of the Aldermen?

Ooops! Some of those questions aren't a part of the Mayoral campaign. They're just the latest and greatest issues in our local town politics. This city is a hotbed of political intrigue if you have the least bit of interest. There are a cast of characters that we've all grown to know. Grown to know but not grown to love. The city is deeply entrenched in "that's the way we've always done it-itis" and change might suit Barak Obama, but we do not like change here. Of course we're dying from the stagnation, but the Aldermen... they don't seem to get it.

We've got the people that blame everything on the liberals. They're hysterically funny for the most part. And not particularly informed on the issues. They just hate the liberals and like to see their names in print in the newspaper. Hello Brenda Lowe! Then we have the tax reducers, the people that think we can have the same level of services for much lower taxes. They are our pie in the sky residents.

Of course we have the city columnist that has nothing positive to say, blames the liberals, hates to pay taxes, and is homophobic. He's a laugh riot, but he's mostly just a laughing stock. His columns on anything political always revert back to accusations of promoting homosexuality, overt liberalism, and his special hatred of our school superintendent. Tom Mountain, when will you disappear?

Big topics of discussion besides the economy here?

The proposed dog park. We appear to be the only small city in the US that can't seem to understand the basic need for a place for dogs to socialize. And we do NOT want to pay for it. Because they're just dogs, you know.

The cost of the new high school. OK, it's half way built already but we still are rabid on the topic of the cost. It's ridiculous, we all know it, but it was shoved down our collective throats and we can't seem to just take this virtual rape.

Garbage. We're testing a new robotic garbage collection machine which requires people to have one city-provided can. The angst! The trauma!

School renovations. Three elementary schools are in desperate need of renovation. DESPERATE. Many more on are the fix-er-up list. We have no money to fix anything. Plus we need one more school due to a mini-baby boom around here.

Pot holes and bad roads. We have them in spades. We can't seem to get them fixed. Money. What a surprise!

Aldermen. Do we need so many? What is their purpose besides falling lockstep behind the mayor?

Those seem to be the hot issues right now, but more will appear. We like our politics hot and controversial here in the naked city. When garbage and dogparks are big issues, we're always ready to argue hot and heavy, especially on our three city blogs. Yes three, because one just was not enough!

Oh God, I'm exhausted already and we've got plenty of time until the next election. It should be exciting!

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Blogger Ron Newman said...

When do you have your city election? In the spring?

18/11/08 11:02 AM  
Blogger margalit said...

It's next fall, Ron. Next Fall... like a whole year from now.

18/11/08 12:31 PM  

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