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Friday, November 14, 2008

She's rocking the Joe's Jeans

I was contacted some time ago by a marketeer that did everything right. It's so unusual to actually receive mail from a marketeer that has read my blog, that knows I have teenagers and not infants, and has an idea that her product would be of benefit to my family. When I get mail like that, I'm always pleased to try out a product in exchange for a review. In this case, the product was a pair of jeans from a company called Joe's Jeans. They let you pick out a pair of jeans you'd like, and then send them to you to try. I looked carefully at all the types on the well-designed web site and chose a pair I thought would be great on the Girl.

Note the matching socks. I bet she has another pair just like them on her floor!

The jeans arrived today. The Girl brought in the FedEx box and I opened it, unsure of what was inside. When I saw it was the jeans, I had her try them on right away. She loved the style I picked out for her, and thought the denim material was really soft and comfortable feeling. She tried them on and modeled them for me. Totally true to size, they fit her perfectly. Like a glove. And she said they were really comfortable, too.

Oh look, an audience! Meow...

The quality was really nice, with strong seams and, as I said, very nice quality denim. The back pockets were very well finished with straight seams even on the design work. Because the Girl is a bit of a shorty, the pants were long on her, but like most teenagers she likes pants that droop around her shoes. Me, I can't stand when my pants are too long but that happens very rarely on my 5'9" frame.

She does have feet. Really.

I took photos as she was trying them on, so the pants still have the tags on them. For some reason, the photos came out making her look a bit wider than she is. The jeans are a size 28, which is the equivalent of a size 2. But in person they look fabulous and she's happy happy happy!

And of course, she's rocking the North Face Jacket she paid for with her own money and never takes off.

Thank you, Joe's Jeans. We're in love with your product!

Get 25% off all products on Joe's Jeans website using the promo code "joesfriends".

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Blogger bethany actually said...

How cool that the Girl was able to get a freebie from a smart marketer! Joe's Jeans are not cheap and I've heard great things about them. They look cute on her!

14/11/08 5:20 PM  
Blogger Picara said...

Great freebie, very cute on her.

14/11/08 5:29 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

Bethany, you're not kidding about the prices. They are cheaper than some of the designer jeans we see in Bloomingdales, but they are also nicer. The fabric feels like the denim was worn for a couple of years cause it is that soft. And as I said, great quality. Which is something I do know about as the daughter of a professional costume designer. :-)

14/11/08 6:06 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

These look like they'll last a while, too. They're a classic design.

14/11/08 7:30 PM  

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