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Monday, November 17, 2008

What's going on?

I've got something very interesting in the works. Can't share, of course, at least not yet, but it's keeping me happy and feeling encouraged.

Kids are both stable and pleasant. The Boy continues to be unable to get up in the morning and I continue to amuse the housemaster's office with funny notes as to why he was late. They usually involve alarm clock disasters, traffic, or a disinterested in ruining my entire day by arguing at 7 am excuses.

The Girl has brought home an amazing assortment of baked goods from Panera this past weekend, which we have been enjoying. Have you tried their gingerbread bagel? To die for. Honestly, it's the best "designer" bagel I've ever had. I usually stick to the Jewish standby bagels: sissel, pumpernickel, sesame, poppy seed, salt, plain. But this gingerbread... you don't even want to sully its delightful taste with cream cheese or butter. Plain is best.

I continue to enjoy Amazing Race, which featured beautiful Kahzikstan in yesterday's show. Did you know the national dish is stewed fatty sheep butt? YUM! As each couple opened their clue to tell them where they were going, they all made Borat remarks. I have a feeling that Borat is not that popular in Kahzikstan itself.

My shoulder continues to hurt like a mother, making me believe I actually did something to it other than the flu shot, from which I have finally recovered. Or at least I think I have. I cannot life my arm up past waist height, and it kills when I'm trying to sleep.

I had the insurance guy over for my yearly Medicare Advantage review and I'm changing from Harvard to another company. Harvard increased it's premium and various costs by so much that I don't even feel badly about abandoning them. I have no idea how they can even justify raising their rates by so much across the board, charging for hospitalizations, and much higher copayments, and even charging for ambulance rides when they know the only people who use these plans are the elderly and disabled, not known as the wealthiest groups in America. My insurance guy says he's seeing close to 50 folks a week who are abandoning Harvard. It's just way too costly. To pay for Medicare, and then to pay for a private pay for service company on top is just about impossible for most folks. But that's the only way to get prescription coverage on Medicare, so we do it.

If you have parents who are on Medicare, they have only 6 weeks to determine which plan is best for them, and it's terribly confusing and complicated, so if you can help them out, please do so. It's a mitzvah. It's also a rude introduction into what private companies do to wrench out every penny from your parents. Pray nobody gets sick.

I'm off to the JCC with the Girl to get some well needed exercise. Yes, I'm actually using the gym. And I'm not the fattest person there.

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