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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes we can

What kind of puppy is moving into the White House? Enquiring minds want to know.

I sobbed as Obama delivered his speech. That speech of inclusiveness, the speech to that talked about what we ALL can do to bring our country together. To make the USA respected globally. To make the citizens feel like the belong instead of being disenfranchised by the ruling party. To work together to heal the nation's very large wounds. To be hopeful. For the first time in many many years to actually believe that change is not only possible, but plausable. Yes, we can do it. We can.

It's been an incredible night for us all. For the supporters of McCain, it's time to come on board. No more screaming about Jeremiah Wright. No more racist remarks. No more scare tactics. It's over. You lost fair and square. A lot more fairly than the last two elections.

We have to fix our economy. We have to work on universal health care beyond the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the State of Hawaii. We have to fix our very broken educational issues and to support higher education once again. We have to give our youth hope instead of hopelessness. We have to get out of a very unpopular war with grace and humility. We need to get this country out of debt and to stop 'helping' corporations while harming our most vulnerable citizens. We have to look at the 'safety net' that helps almost nobody due to a poverty level that hasn't been changed since the 1960's. We need to work on our very damaged Veterans Administration and Vet health care. We need to restore women's rights and pass the damn Equal Rights act. It is 2008, right?

There is so much to do. So much work. Work that will create positive change for the middle and lower classes more than the 5% of the richest citizens. We need to help all the people currently homeless and hungry. We all need to get involved. Every one of us. And we need to do it WITHOUT it being 'faith-based' because we've all learned that faith based giving doesn't not work. Don't believe me? Call your local food pantry and ask how donations have been going? Ask how many turkeys they have to give out over Thanksgiving. The major pantry in Massachusetts didn't have ONE donation of a turkey as of last week. Not one.

We can do better, people. We can and we will. Obama will continue to inspire us, to guide us, and to repair our faulty country. Yes he can. Yes we can. Yes we will!

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