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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gray skies are gonna clear up

And I'm putting on my best Happy Face. It's not always easy to pretend to be OK when inside you're feeling defeated, but I'm trying. After talking to two friends last night, I actually laughed again, something that I have been lacking lately. As a person who usually laughs all the time, when I don't have any laughter in me, I get kinda bitchy. Anyhow, I'm feeling better. I got a decent amount of sleep then I went out with the Boy to drop the Girl at work, and then hit the grocery store to pick up my dinner that was gifted to our family by a good friend. The Boy has been pretty helpful since my crying fest the other night, and he's a lot more sensitive towards my feelings right now, so bless his little heart for that.

On the way home we foolishly stopped at CVS hoping against hope to pick up his prescriptions from the disaster we had a couple of weeks ago with the insurance company. Miraculously, two of the three prescriptions were actually there! And they let us have them. Unfortunately, the one we needed the most is being held because it was rejected by the insurance company. I didn't understand why because the pharmacy was literally trolling the bottom of the barrel of pharmacy college help and we had one guy who ONLY spoke Russian and the guy helping him spoke mostly Chinese. I would say it was amusing, but it wasn't because this ate up 45 minutes of my life and we still didn't get the damn pills. It was like the blind leading the blind, only more frustrating.

In the meantime, our CVS, which has all of two handicap spaces in the huge parking lot, had some total asshat parking in one of the two spaces without a placard. The other space was legitimately filled. Seven cars, including mine, were waiting for a space to park and this jackoff was doing his holiday shopping at the liquor store, and then CVS. When he come out, some old guy yelled "Are you BLIND?" pointing at the sign, and I yelled "No, he's just a selfish fucktard." Two of the other handicap drivers started yelling too, and this guy just ignored all of us, got into his car, and sat there taking up the space. I mean, REALLY???

We finally drove home and some other Masshole was tailgaiting us down our street, and even though I signaled way in advance of our driveway, which is a difficult entrance in good weather and an adventure in bad, the Masshole almost hit me as I went to make the turn. He did not see my signal light or me slowing down. He missed us by inches.

OMG, I am never leaving the house again. It is madness out there, people. Madness.

I get the stuff unpacked and sit down in front of the computer to read my email, and Firefox isn't working. The Boy was on the computer earlier and God only knows what he did this time, but I had to uninstall and reinstall it twice. Right now I'm using a version that is on the portable hard drive because I don't have the patience to repair it right now. In fact, the only patience I have is to read a book and hopefully drift into a nice cozy nap.

Happy Christmas and Hanukkah, everyone. I hope you all have a peaceful and fun-filled day tomorrow.

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Blogger Crazed Mom said...

Happy Holdays Margalit! Drive in Mass sounds just like driving in Seattle roght now. I am beginning to detest snow and ice and no salt cuz the environment PC NW!! ARGH. Feeling so trapped here. But my boys are behaving so I am thankful for that.

Hugz and love ya.

24/12/08 8:12 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Happy Holidays to you! I feel very fortunate that I didn't have to leave the house yesterday in the snow and craziness, and we're only traveling today by choice -- across town to visit brother-in-law and his kids. I'm glad Boy is behaving more sensitively toward you.

25/12/08 12:28 PM  
OpenID ron-newman said...

ROFL after watching that YouTube video ...

25/12/08 3:27 PM  

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