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Monday, December 01, 2008

Lost in the mist

I woke up this morning well before the sunrise. It was dark and the entire world appeared to be shrouded in a heavy fog. I could see the outlines of the shrubs outside the windows, but the neighboring houses had disappeared. It was as if I were on the moors with the silence of a thousand acres of nothing surrounding me. I lay where I awoke, my neck stiff and sore from sleeping in a weird position. There was a crackling noise from the next room where Pepper was assaulting yet another plastic bag she had dragged out of the cabinet. Otherwise, the house was silent in that comforting manner when everyone is safe and sound under thick blankets sweaty with sleep.

I slept fitfully last night. I worried about people and things and all of life complications. When I know someone is hurting I can't let myself relax completely. It is as if I'm on guard against more pain for them. I hate it when people hurt.

The sky began to lighten and the Girl came downstairs. She wondered what I was doing awake and I told her that my neck hurt. She reached over and massaged the back of my neck and my shoulders in silence. I could feel my shoulders falling as the muscles relaxed. She asked if I would drive her to school, and I agreed although it wasn't raining. I figured it would be a decent exchange for a neck massage.

She went upstairs to get dressed while the cats chased each other up and down the stairs. I looked at my email. Nothing interesting. So much spam about shopping. Sent to the wrong person, I figure.

We leave the house bundled up in coats and mittens and warm boots. It is damp and still foggy outside. The traffic is surprisingly light as we head towards the school. She sighs deeply and says "another week" and I mutter "indeed."

Another week. Another month. Soon another year. It all moves in slow motion most of the time, and then one day you wake up and realize that it's flying by so fast that you can barely hold on.

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Blogger the sassy kathy said...

hi margalit - thanks for your sweet comment - and i agree that she is probably one of the cutest kitties in the universe. why do they have to grow up?

1/12/08 9:18 AM  
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