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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Memory Lapses

I was going to post something profound today. I had it in my mind for hours when the Boy was using the computer. Then I sat down at the computer, did some maintenance work on the way too full hard drive, connected the new printer and tried it out, and guess what? I totally forgot what I was going to post about. I mean, gone. Gone forever.

This is exactly how my mind has been working for a while now. I know that this isn't early onset alzheimers. I'm quite capable of remembering what I need to with notes and reminders. But my God, this getting old and forgetting stuff that was important to me kinda sucks.

Today I transferred all the old stuff I needed into my brand new 2009 datebook. I use my datebook for appointments, phone numbers, and daily reminders of stuff to do. I cannot live without my datebook. Every year I buy the same one, the Jewish Museum datebook because without it I can't remember the Jewish holidays. They change dates every year and they're hard to remember as it is, so without a datebook, I'm screwed.

I go from page to page of the old book and then write down what is important in the new book. Mostly phone numbers, but also stuff like mammogram dates and all that crap you're supposed to know but most likely can't recall. Especially if you're me and have to write down your sibling's birthdays to remember them. Cause I'm sad.

I wanted to tell you something important. Honestly I did. But for the life of me, it's gone. It might come back later. It might now. I wish I could promise, but I can't.

Old-timers disease. I think I'm entitled to this diagnosis.

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