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Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Stabbing of 1000 Knives

It started a few days ago with what I thought was a crick in my back. You know, you get up funny and your back does that little yeouch thing. Oh, your back doesn't do that? Just you wait till you're 56. I promise you, your back will yeouch more often than you care to admit. Like usual, I ignored the pain and sloughed off any thoughts of illness or death. I'm crazy, but I'm not that crazy. I tend not to call the doctor until I'm at death's door anyhow, and this was just a crick. Or so I thought!

Foreshadowing aside, I reached the epitome of my pain tolerance last night and vowed to see the doctor today. Only guess what? It's Saturday and seeing a doctor on the weekend is not so easy. As in impossible.

Oh, I called right at 9 am, and left a call back message. I guess Dr Wong tottled in around 11 or so, and returned my call. Now, I don't know Dr Wong. He's just the on-call doc covering my practice. But he certainly has aced his "dismissive attitude" class in medical school. He asked a few questions. I told him the requisite answers. He wanted to know how I knew it was a kidney infection. I told him that I had the exact same thing a year or so ago, and if he was looking up my record online he would see that the description of both ailments was pretty much identical. Different kidney's though.

He told me to take ibuprophan and come in on Monday to the urgent care. So, that was not helpful. But as long as I'm supine, it doesn't hurt that much. Moving is what makes it painful. The suckiest thing is that on the weekend there is nothing to watch on TV and there is nobody home to work the DVD player for me. My kids have got that TV hooked up to so many devices that I honestly have no clue how to do anything anymore but turn on the TV. I can't even get the TV to go through the speakers. It is truely pathetic.

I have one book to read that actually might hold my attention. Otherwise, I might have to make one of the kids come home and entertain me. I also have an important errand to run, although I probably can put it off until tomorrow.

In the meantime, my friend dropped by for a bit and we had the most morbid conversation complete with visual aids ever. We picked out coffins. And plots. Just because you never know!

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