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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Technologically and mechanically challenged

For the most part, I can take care of myself in a disasterous situation. I rarely panic and mostly I just get frustrated and angry at myself for being unable to do what I want or need to do. Take this morning, for example. Please.

I sent the kids out to shovel the walkways so I could get out of the house to take the Girl to work early this morning. They semi-cleared off the car and around the car, and once I got the car going, I got down the hill despite the fact that it hadn't been plowed since yesterday afternoon. There were about 5" of snow on the driveway, and with my minivan, that wasn't much of a problem. The ToyMotor is another story.

Coming back home I got about 10 feet up the driveway in first gear. So I backed up and tried again. Another 5 feet gained, but nowhere near even the middle of the driveway. Rinse and repeat for a total of 8 times before I gave up. There was no way that car was going to get up the hill. I was afraid of this because I have had premonitions about this since I got the car last spring. It has no clearance and a tiny engine. It's a wicked pissah car in all but snow. Snow has defeated it.

I put the parking brake on and trudged up the hill and knocked on my neighbor's door. I was out of breath as usual, and when he opened the door I said simply "Car stuck on hill." He put his outerwear on and told me he could handle it. Ahem. First he suggested that I could learn from him. Not likely, but I humored him. I've been driving longer than he's been alive, if you get my drift. He tells me to get into second gear and I tell him that the car can't make it up the hill in dry weather in second. I have to use first. But he knows better. Whahaha.

First attempt he slides back down the hill. Second attempt he slides back down the hill. Third attempt he slides down the hill after really gunning it. At no point did he get anywhere near as far as I did. So he says he's going to get a shovel and some sand and salt.

At this point I retreat into my NOT warm house and complain deeply because I'm a human popsicle. I tell the Boy to check the temperature and it was 59 freaking degrees in the house! He likes to turn the heat off, not down. He's an idiot.

After about a half hour, my neighbor finally gets the car up the hill. He had to shovel tracks to do it. And still the damn snowplow guy has not showed up.

We are totally snowbound until the driveway is cleared. And I think I need snow tires to get up that hill. Which will radically suck since tires are the one item I absolutely HATE to buy. You can't eat them, you can't wear them, you aren't entertained by them. And they're ugly. It just peeves me no end that I might have to buy them.

So that's mechanical. Let's move on to technical.

Of course we took pictures of all this blog fodder. I mean, who wouldn't want to photograph my car totally stuck on the hill? It was pretty damn funny once I was no longer the one trying to get it up here. We took photos of my neighbor desperately trying to get it up the hill, photos of it stuck on the hill, photos of it finally clearing the big turn in the middle of the hill, and photos of it sitting in a parking space looking all happy and comfy.

Now, not only do we have an ancient and somewhat challanged computer that shuts down by itself about once an hour, we have children that plug in their ipods and external hard drive to said computer. So when I went to download the photos from my camera to my internal hard drive, the computer confused what I wanted and downloaded them somewhere and then deleted them from the camera. It's done this before. It is SO frustrating when it happens because I have to search and search for the photos. Unfortunately, I can't find them anyplace. I moved them someplace, but wherever I moved them to, they didn't make it. I've gone through countless folders of photos and I just cannot find these photos. They are lost forever.

However, I did redeem the day by watching Dogma with the Boy and he was silenced from doing the lines with the movie. I have mentioned that he memorizes movies, right? SO irritating. He's been doing it since he was really small kid. He's memorized hundreds and hundreds of movies. I have no clue as to why. He also memorizes TV shows, all of which are his "favorite episodes". He's gifted. No doubt about it.

Sadly, due to the snow situation we missed Christmas in the City. Hopefully we will be plowed out by tomorrow morning so we can do the real party. I am so sad that we missed it, but really, stuck stuck stuck.

Did I mention it's still snowing and we're supposed to get another storm tomorrow? Global warming? You think?

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Blogger Sam said...

ooh heck, I am glad that we don't get that kind of snow here! In fact, if we even get an few centimetres the whole country seems to go into a collective panic!!

P.S. LOVE the dreidel background!!

22/12/08 1:09 PM  

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