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Sunday, December 28, 2008

True Confessions

I wait all year for clementines to come to market, and when they do, I eat cartons of them. I cannot stop. I love them. I cannot only eat one. I have to have two or three at a time. I go through those beautiful little wooden boxes in less than a week. I am a clementine addict.

I also have a thing for Qtips. What a miraculous invention. A little stick, some cotton on each end, and bam! Best thing to make me relax ever. I have a dish on my desk filled with Qtips. I often read and write posts with one stuck in my ear. It's VERY attractive. Yes it is! When I run out of Qtips in my little dish, I get panicky. I need to know that there are Qtips at my beck and call, even if I'm not using one. Oh, and yes I HAVE punctured an ear drum with one, but that was way back in college and I'm more careful now.

Outside our back door I have two beautiful sets of windchimes. One is a small set of high pitched tubes, the other is the Olympic scale with a much lower pitch. Together they make the most delightful sound. A sound I often comtemplate when I'm sitting on the commode in our downstairs bathroom. It makes business much more pleasant.

I will watch almost anything on PBS. I will not watch begging shows, like those horrid Celtic Women, or the concert shows. If there is actual content, I will watch it like a zombie. Right now there is some show about Cambodia on. I don't know why I get so drawn in, but I do. I have learned an amazing amount after years of PBS. I even understand the really intellectual science shows about quantum physics. I have no idea of why, because my mind does not really work in the abstract, but I like the damn shows.

I never win anything. I enter contests all the time but I never win. I used to use "Aunt Trudy's" method when entering contests because she won things all the time, but it never worked for me. Aunt Trudy was my SIL's aunt. My SIL doesn't win either. Sigh.

I am already sick of winter and it's only been a week. I dream of retiring someplace warmer. Not Florida. Maybe Santa Barbara or San Diego. Warm. But it must be on water. And it must be a place that my friend Neener will live because we want to retire together. We do not play Canasta or Mah Jong. Yet.

I spend way too much time looking at real estate in my favorite towns. Houses I could have bought for $40K are now selling in the $2 million range. GAK.

I have dreams about George Bush leaving office. Crowds are chearing as he gets on the helicopter. Not because they love him, because they are so glad to see him go. My dreams have been very vivid lately. Usually I don't remember them at all. Now they are almost real. I wonder why.

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Blogger Rhea said...

Great stuff. PBS is one of the best stations out there. I, too, read real estate ads. I follow real estate as if it's my hobby.

29/12/08 6:06 AM  
OpenID ninaspace said...

And I will watch almost anything on C-Span, which is really sick. Please retire in Atlanta with me. I see us sharing a two family house. One side for you and me, the other for the triplets. NOT!

29/12/08 9:30 AM  
Blogger Pacing the Panic Room said...

we currently have 6 empty clementine boxes floating around our house. They are the BEST!!!

29/12/08 9:53 PM  

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