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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Adeiu France

I used to spend summers in France. Before my kids were born, when I was making a lot of money and could take month long vacations, I would go to Nice every summer and hang out. I love that area of France, I love the weather and the beaches and the food and pretty much everything except the gypsy pick pockets around Nice and Cannes. But that was in the days before France became so absolutely reprehensible to me that I didn't mind being in the country.

These days, there is no way in hell that I would spend one cent of my money in France. Why? This is why. They are so anti-Jewish and anti-Israel that not only would I not feel safe there, but I wouldn't suppport a government that breeds hatred. Look, I haven't forgotten the Vichy government, the collaboration with the Nazis, and the way the Algerian citizens of France have created even more hatred of the Jews. I remember when Jo Goldenbergs was bombed in Paris. I know that France has always had a tenuous relationship with it's Jewish citizens. It has the largest Jewish population in Europe, you know. But this is what France supports:

(from solomonia)

Now I'm poor and every penny of my money is spent in a manner that I feel is righteous. I won't buy from China because they appear, at least to me, to be heartless in their human rights and in the way they ship dangerous and inferior goods in their own country and around the world. I just can't support that. I won't ever, as long as I live, buy anything German. Now I don't blame the current German population for the horrors of the past, but I'm not stupid enough to believe that Germany, Austria and Poland are now friends of the Jews. They're not, and my money isn't going to them. I won't buy a German car, or a German stereo component, or anything else that Germany ships to the USA. I just will not spend MY money on things that come from countries that have gone out of their way to make enemies of my people. Ditto for Spain. The most anti-semetic country in Europe, according to some people.

I don't think every person should do as I do, just as I don't think every person will think as I think, but I'm telling you that for me, putting MY money into these countries is contrary to everything I believe is morally right. And I won't do it.

And Great Britian. You're next on my list. I suggest you clean up your act.

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Blogger theotheramy said...

Although I completely respect your views (and I absolutely agree with not buying products from China which is why I avoid WalMart like the plague) you do realize that Trader Joes is owned by the German billionaire who also owns Aldi. It is based in California, but definitely has German ownership.

8/1/09 9:53 AM  
Blogger theotheramy said...

and, since I've finally figured out how to sign in to post comments, please allow me to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I've learned so much reading it over the years and I thank you for writing it.

8/1/09 10:02 AM  
Blogger sss said...

geez who knew??? when we think we are buying American to support our economy, or not... or to show our disaproval of labor laws ,poor working conditions,countries that treat their residents in less than humane ways we end up finding out that we've spent a shit load of money over the years doing something we intentionally avoid.
suckage.bye bye trader joes

8/1/09 4:06 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

Margalit--I hear you. I really do. But don't you think this may be throwing the baby out with the bathwater in some cases? I think any of us that are part of any ethnic group (or other group) do not want be discriminated against. Yet, you have called out entire countries. I think boycotts of material goods have been a time-honored and successful way of getting political change effected. So, I think it is appropriate to boycott Chinese goods in an effort to get their government to change their human rights policies and manufacturing ethics. But to boycott an entire country?! I'm not sure what that really accomplishes. Plus, just as not every American citizen supports the current administration, I seriously doubt that every citizen of the countries in question are anti-semitic. And the whole Trader Joe's boycott? What does that accomplish? Just thinking "out loud."

8/1/09 6:37 PM  

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