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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Best commentary I've seen on Gaza + weekly roundup

I saw this on Israelicool and watched with amazement. This is the best and most truthful explanation of exactly what is going on in Gaza. It covers why the media bias is destructive to Israel, why the departure from Israel was a complete failure for Israel but made Hamas's outcry even more fervent, and why Hamas wants this war to continue despite the deaths of so many of the Palestinian populace.

I know from looking Hal Lindsay up that this is going to be the ONLY thing I'll ever agree with this guy on. He's a fundamentalist Christian and his viewpoints on things other than Zionism don't exactly mesh with mine. But his analysis of the Israeli-Gaza conflagration is right on target.

Your weekend reading:

Another excellent essay found here.

The Oldest Hatred
from The National Review.

Embedded with the IDF, it's Meet the Gazans.

How Israel Became a Terrorist State and other lies perpetrated by Arabs because they don't have a frigging clue of what truth is anymore. This is almost funny it is so filled with hatred and absolute falsehoods. But it isn't funny because it's about me and my family and my relatives and my friends. Not funny at all.

Alan Dershowitz: The Hamas War Crime Strategy

The Biggest Lies about the Palestinian Israeli Conflict

Weekend wrapup of protests around the world:

Those horrible Israeli's are totally LYING when it comes to rockets from Gaza. Cause you know, there isn't anything wrong with living with hundreds, no THOUSANDS of rockets coming at you day after day for 7 years. What the hell are those Israeli bastids complaining about? This:

Nothing like a nice peaceful protest when you're decrying war. From London:

Israeli support rally in Los Angeles interrupted by some real winners:

Always helpful in anything that regards the Jews, the Pope has once again opened his facist antisemetic mouth. Gaza is JUST LIKE the killing in Nazi Germany. JUST LIKE IT. Asshole.

A reader of the Muqata says: 1:16 AM Received from Muqata Blog Reader in Germany, Sebastian M.

Today, 10.000 people demonstrated against Israel here in my hometown Duisburg (Germany) and to express their solidarity with Hamas. So, my girlfriend and me put two Israel flags out of the windows of our flat in the 3rd floor. During the demonstration which went through our street the police broke into our flat and removed the flag of Israel. The statement of the police was to de-escalate the situation, because many youth demonstrators were on the brink of breaking into our apartment house. Before this they threw snowballs, knifes and stones against our windows and the complete building. We both were standing on the other side of the street and were shocked by seeing a police officer standing in our bedroom and opening the window to get the flag. The picture illustrate this situation. The police acquiesced in the demands of the mob.

Lovely! So much for freedom of thought, never mind freedom of speech. Go Germany!

Some of the fantastic photos from a Melbourne Australia protest this week. I guess they don't understand the negative value of these photos. Nice to know that the Australians have such a wonderful and non-biased view of the Jewish people. Another country cross off my list of places I want to go.

Have you been following the lying propaganda video shown on CNN that has been wholy disproved as an out and out lie and embarassment. Doctors from all over the world have decried the video saying that the child was already long dead and that the "doctor" tickling his chest was not performing CPR, that there was no respiratory bagging of the dead child, and the whole thing was a complete sham.

"I’m no military expert, but I am a doctor, and this video is bullsh-t. The chest compressions that were being performed at the beginning of this video were absolutely, positively fake. The large man in the white coat was NOT performing CPR on that child. He was just sort of tapping on the child’s sternum a little bit with his fingers. You can’t make blood flow like that. Furthermore, there’s no point in doing chest compressions if you’re not also ventilating the patient somehow. In this video, I can’t tell for sure if the patient has an endotracheal tube in place, but you can see that there is nobody bag-ventilating him (a bag is actually hanging by the head of the bed), and there is no ventilator attached to the patient. In a hospital, during a code on a ventilated patient, somebody would probably be bagging the patient during the chest compressions. And they also would have moved the bed away from the wall, so that somebody could get back there to intubate the patient and/or bag him. In short, the “resuscitation scene” at the beginning is fake, and it’s a pretty lame fake at that.

So the question is, were they re-enacting the resuscitation scene by repeating their actions on a corpse, because the child had died earlier? It’s likely that the answer is no, that child is still alive, and is just an actor pretending to be a child who was killed. Why do I say that? Because the big guy in the white coat, if he’s really a doctor, nurse, nurse’s aid, EMT, or any sort of health care provider at all would be entirely aware that tickling the boy’s sternum doesn’t really look like actual chest compressions. If the boy was dead, the man would have done a more convincing job in compressing the chest. The taps on the chest that he’s doing are the sort of thing you see in bad TV dramas, when you don’t want to make the poor actor playing the victim uncomfortable by really pushing on his chest. I think the man in the white coat knows this child is actually alive, and is making the simulated chest compressions gentle so as not to hurt the child. My guess is that he assumed the videographer, like those on better TV shows, would have been smart enough not to film as far down as the man’s hands on the chest."

Has CNN apologized? OF COURSE NOT.

(CNN) — There’s no truth to accusations by bloggers that a Palestinian camera crew staged a video showing the death of the videographer’s brother after an Israeli rocket attack, said the team’s employer.

In the video, camerman Ashraf Mashharawi is seen holding his brother.

“It’s absolute nonsense,” Paul Martin, co-owner of World News and Features, said of accusations leveled by bloggers at videographer Ashraf Mashharawi.

“He’s a man of enormous integrity and would never get involved with any sort of manipulation of images, let alone when the person dying is his own brother,” Martin said. “I know the whole family. I know them very well. … [Mashharawi] is upset and angry that anyone would think of him having done anything like this. … This is ridiculous. He’s independent.”

If you don't believe the bias in the media, here's Channel 4 in Britain. Home of the propoganda machine filled with the worst anti-Israel reporting. Check out their position on this story.

If your stomach isn't churning by now, you're a stronger person than I am.

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Blogger Jendeis said...

Kirtsy'd this post because I thought it was fabulous and that the message should get out there. Thank you so much for pulling these reports together.

11/1/09 10:56 AM  
Blogger Daisy said...

It must have been upsetting to put this together. Thank you for putting yourself on the line to spread the word.

11/1/09 4:58 PM  

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