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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Does this sound like me?

  • Intellect: Creative
  • Skills: Observer
  • Emotions: Generator
  • Dynamism: Breadwinner

Your Core Skills

Highly innovative and imaginative, you're a naturally visionary ideas-person. You get a kick from out-of-the-box thinking and have the energy and drive to inspire a team. You are particularly well suited to projects that require inventive thinking. You thrive in an environment where you a constantly stimulated intellectually. You tend to be quite diplomatic and sensitive and like to avoid being too dogmatic or forceful.

Potential Areas Of Weakness

You don't always think through the practical side to your ideas and sometimes find the detailed graft of a project less compelling that idea-generation. Routine can feel boring to you. When you're feeling inspired creatively, time management and personal organisation tend to suffer. Sometimes you have too many ideas and find it hard to know which one to focus on.

Areas You Might Want To Work On

  • make a conscious effort not to over-commit
  • create structured workplans and set yourself specific goals for each project
  • work on improving your public speaking and networking skills

Careers That May Suit You

trader entrepreneur philosopher playwright film director jewellry designer

Your Detailed Personality Assessment

Your creativity and entrepreneurism are impressive and highly valued by those you work with. You are an extremely flexible and capable individual, able to apply yourself successfully to a wide range of projects. It is with this kind of exhilarating variety that you find yourself operating at your best. The missing link may be to develop the self-promotion skills that will allow you to feel truly empowered to set and achieve the ambitious career goals that are well within your capabilities.

When it comes to leadership, you are a firm believer in conviviality. You like to be a friend as well as a boss. Job satisfaction lies in building strong relationships with the people you work with. But it's important to always be careful not to blur those boundaries.

You have a deep connection to your spiritual self. This balanced outlook is an extremely powerful force in your life. You have a healthy sense of perspective and are driven by a strong moral value system.

For you, going to work is a bit of a means to an end. You like your job but it's not the be all and end all in your life. You do what needs to be done but you're not the kind of person who is defined by their work. There's more to you than that. You'd rather not stay late unless you really have to.

You seem to be in a bit of a hectic place in your life right now. There are lots of opportunities and things that you're interested in, but it's quite hard to know what to focus on. You could probably use a bit of guidance to help you channel your energies in the right way. It's not surprising you're having a tough time. Work isn't exactly doing it for you at the moment. There's a lot that's been stressing you out and you're probably feeling quite stretched and low on inspiration. It may be time for a change.

The way you approach each day can have huge implications for your success in the workplace. Bouncing out of bed with a spring in your step doesn't exactly come naturally to you. You sometimes find it difficult to get moving in the mornings. It might be worth trying to reinvigorate your morning routine so that getting out of bed is more of a pleasure than a battle! That way you can face the day firing on all cylinders. If you haven't already, why not try exploring some evening relaxation techniques that might help you get the rest you need - whether it's yoga, a soak in the tub or even a full-on gym session. It could make all the difference.

The Future

You may not be looking for a new job right now but you're committed to understanding more about yourself and recognise how valuable this can be in terms of self-development. Try not to feel too daunted by whatever challenges life throws at you. It is precisely these difficult experiences that will really allow you to develop as a person and avoid getting stuck in tired situations with little growth potential. Risk is an important factor in life and you need to allow yourself to embrace uncertainty and the opportunities that it represents, instead of allowing it to intimidate you.

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Blogger Ora said...

No way, jose!!
Where did you find that? It isn't you at all!!

16/2/09 2:49 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

O. It is KINDA me in the old days, but surely not now. I concur!

16/2/09 3:50 PM  

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