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Monday, January 12, 2009

Meet Hamas

There are those who have accused me of twisting the hatred that is shouted all over the world at the Israelis and the Jews. There are millions who justify this hatred of the Jews and the Israelis. There are people who aren't Arabs, middle-eastern, or have any vested interest in the middle east except to spew hatred towards the Jews. Because they can. It's OK to be anti-Jewish again. In fact, it's the new, cool thing to be. Unless, of course, you're Jewish. If you're a Jew, you always know that there will be a next time, even if you swear Never Again a million times. It's happened over and over and over again throughout history. What makes today any different? The economy sucks? Blame those greedy money grubbing Jews. Like me, because we all know how I not only control the media, but I'm a rich money lender with no scruples. And I'm dirty, too.

The people of Gaza, these people who spew such hatred towards the Jews, want you believe are living in an occupied area, so their violent behavior towards Israel, their "occupiers", is just what we should expect.

But the truth is that whatever occupation there might have been, ended in August 2005 when Israel removed all Israelis (and Israeli property) from the area. There has not been one Israeli residing in Gaza for over three years. NOT ONE. Every Israeli family was forcibly removed from the area by the IDF, and their homes were destroyed so they could not return. These Israeli citizens were cast out of their villages, to resettle in Israel. But they were not even helped by the Israeli government to resettle. Did you know that?

Israel destroyed the lives of 9,000 of it's own people, making them, to this day, temporary residents in communities not their own. Israel took their livelihoods away when they forced them to abandon amazing greenhouses that grew some of the best organic vegetables in the world. Greenhouses that were turned over to the Palestinians as another absurd gesture of good will, and as thanks, Palestinian mobs attacked and burned the greenhouses. Israel did this to their own people in order to pacify the Palestinians. To give the Palestinians the land that they demanded. Israel did this for peace. Because that is what the Palestinians wanted, their own land. For this, Israel bulldozed whole towns and villages.

What did the Palestinians do in return?

They shelled Israeli settlements night and day for years. They kept on killing Israeli citizens and crying about how terrible their lives were in "occupied" Gaza.

However, Israelis abandoned all of Gaza. Gaza is not occupied by Israel. It is occupied by Hamas, the duly elected government of the Palestinians, who this morning announced that they didn't want a cease-fire, and promptly shot more rockets into Beersheva, a city of more than 150,000 people.

So I not be accused of twising Hamas' words, I present YouTube video in the actual voices of Hamas. This is their work, not mine. Hamas - in their own words, spewing forth their hatred of the Jews and of Israel. Spewing for their hatred and reminding Jews and Israelis that they want our complete and utter destruction. They do not one Jew to remain on this earth. Think about that for a moment. Think of the advances in medicine, science, physics, literature, art, and culture that have been by Jews. No more Albert Einsteins, cause you know what a dirty Jew he was. No more Marc Chagall, Jesus, Spinoza, Leonard Bernstein, Alan Greenspan (although right now....), Woody Allen, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Eli Weisel, Barbra Streisand, Mandy Patinkin, Sarah Jessica Parker, Itzhak Perlman, George Gershwin, Yehudi Menuhin, Carl Sagan, Jonas Salk, Edward Teller, Steve Ballmer, Larry Ellison, Milton Hershey, Michael Dell, Calvin Klein, Levi Strauss, Jerry Seinfeld, Steven Spielberg, Mel Brooks, Woody Allen, Stanley Kubrick, Oliver Stone, Camille Pissarro.

The loss to the world of the Jews would be palpable, just as it was in Europe after WW2. But they're asking for every Jew, every single Jew on the planet to be annihilated. EVERY ONE. Your friends, your parents, your children, your dentist, your bookseller, your doctor, your tailor, your shoe designer, your favorite artists. Gone. GONE FOREVER. That is what Hamas wants. That is what the Palestinians want. That is what the Iranians want. That is what Hezbollah wants.

For those who do not want to be confronted by the truth, for those who cannot stand to see the full nature of evil and hatred, I apologize and suggest you skip the video. For the rest, for those who want to understand the hatred that drives Palestinians to commit suicidal attacks and fire rockets at one million Israelis please see this video.

Reading Assignment

Chapter 1: First Gaza, Then The World by Ben Dror

The Hamas Charter-- This is the actual charter of the Hamas organization. It's THEIR words, and it calls for the destruction of the Jewish people. Are you really STILL saying they are innocent?

If You Love the Palestinians You Should Hate Hamas

Eurabian Nights (and Days): Rampant Muslim Jew-Hatred, and Absent Jewish “Islamophobia”

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Blogger sarah said...

This is a great entry. Thanks for posting it. I'm baffled by the media coverage of this issue and disgusted by the seemingly pro-Hamas bias that seems to be cropping up everywhere.

I'm reading this on de-lurking day, so consider this my de-lurk. :-)

13/1/09 2:11 AM  

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