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Friday, January 30, 2009

The one where my daughter rocks!

Remember last spring, right before school ended, when we had the Girl's IEP meeting from hell? The one where, even though I had refused over and over again, the morons in the SpEd department once again offered only one solution to the Girl's completely failed sophomore year. The one where they wanted to dump her in a program that was clearly inappropriate because they were too damn lazy to find something that would work for her. The one where they suggested firmly that we send her to another high school in the district that she said she would not attend, that I said I did not want her to attend, and that we had no business even discussing? And that when the Girl went and toured the other school and absolutely REFUSED to set foot there because the drug problem was out of hand and she was fearful of getting caught up in it, the head of SpEd told her that "all schools have drug problems" upon which my advocate's head almost exploded.

And then, when we refused what they offered, they left us hanging the entire summer and never told us where she would be going to school in the fall, and the ONLY reason we ever found out where she would be attending school was because the school secretary told me in passing that the Girl had been registered for classes at her regular high school. Classes that were totally inappropriate and all had to be changed and it took three freaking WEEKS for them to get her another schedule.

Yeah, fun times. Fun times!

Once they screwed up her schedule so badly I told her guidance counselor that she was to be totally mainstreamed into curriculum 1 classes (college prep), that she would NOT be in any special program, that she would need contact with someone from the Learning Center for extra help, but she did not need any further support.

Let's just say that the school was not happy with what I wanted, but they were so out of compliance with her IEP and had screwed with her so badly all sophomore year (remember, I ended up homeschooling her because they had screwed her so badly and knew it) so they let me have my way, even though they could not write up her IEP without stating that they did not agree with this and that "the mother" refused their suggestions for alternate classrooms.

So, you remember that?

Well, guess which Girl we know and love made Honor Roll? Guess which Girl has not had a moment's trouble all year. Not a detention, a suspension, nothing. A Girl that has kept up her work, is getting A's in curr. 1 classes where she was expected to fail. A Girl that is doing so well that even her housemaster called her into his office to congratulate her. And whose Guidance Counselor, whom I haven't heard from the entire year, emailed me with the news today.

But just to make it more interesting, after the summer school math class that she Aced last summer and the school screwed up and never gave her credit for, her housemaster TODAY noticed that she didn't get that credit, nor any other credit for all the courses she made up in homeschooling, and granted her another 17 credits, which again puts her way ahead of her class peers. In other words, the SpEd asshole who has fucked her over time and time again and lied through her teeth about it, got her comeuppance today when the housemaster went over her head and did the right thing. At last.

Now, I just have to wonder if all of this good works had a little something to do with the comments I left on our town blog this week? Ya think? Heh.

I don't care what did it. I care that a full year later, my kid FINALLY got what she deserved, and that she showed them all that she can do the work. She proved them wrong. Every single one of them. They were so sure she was a down and out failure and I kept telling them over and over again that kids with NVLD will always go to the lowest common denominator. If you put her in classes with SpEd kids with emotional and behavioral problems, she will become a kid with emotional and behavioral problems. It's TYPICAL of her learning disability. It's in all the literature about NVLD. And something they should know.

If you put her in Curriculum 1 classes with college bound kids, she will rise right up to the top. It's just how she is. It's how she's always been. But they refused to listen to me because who knows best about their kid, the mom or the "experts" at school.

In this case, as in most cases, it's the mom.

So I say, you Go GIRL! She did so well, and that's WITH a job that takes a lot of her time.

I'm so proud of her I just want to explode.

Unfortunately, she's not well and feeling very down in the dumps. She has to (OMG) take pills! The angst. The torture! But she's so proud of herself and she knows just how thrilled I am for her.

Of course, I do love to win, and to prove morons wrong. Just retribution is good.

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Blogger bethany actually said...

Awesome!!! Tell the Girl I'm proud of her too. :-)

31/1/09 1:03 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

Wonderful news! Go Girl!!

31/1/09 6:58 AM  
Blogger Poppy Buxom said...

Yay! Congratulations! Keep it up. Spit in their eyes, Girl--end up Valedictorian!

31/1/09 11:21 AM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Congratulations! To both of you, really. Keep it up Girl; you're more capable than the Powers That Be will ever know!

31/1/09 1:59 PM  
Blogger Nina said...

Yayyyyyyy Girl. You go.

31/1/09 5:18 PM  

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