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Thursday, January 29, 2009

So funny I forgot to laugh

The Boy and I have remarkably similar senses of humor. This is not necessarily a good thing. Most people we know do not get us when we get into our little pantos, and I'm guessing that this is because we're not as funny as we think we are. But we crack each other up all the time.

Yesterday, being a snow day and our house being covered with a 2" coating of sheer glare ice, we spent much of the day watching television and chit chatting about this and that. For a while I was on the computer, then he was on the computer, then I read for a bit, and he did whatever he does upstairs in his room, but much of our day was hanging out doing the daytime TV thing. The Girl slept through much of the day.

At some point I started cracking up because daytime commercials have very funny words in them. Words like 5-Loxin and Glucosamine and Relacore. Words that the Boy and and I have inserted into our vocabularies as kind of a private language. He'll be sitting at the computer and I'll yell over to him and say, "Boy, you need Relacore!" and we both start laughing like complete morons. Or I'll be deep in a book and he'll yell over to me, "Mom, how's your fibromyalgia? So tender to the touch?" More wicked peels of laughter.

I know this sounds exceedingly stupid, but those commercials. They are even more stupid. The marketeers come up with words like 5-Loxin and expect us to want to buy OsteoByFlex because we're impressed with the ingredients. But to us, the Boy and me, 5-Loxin is too freaking funny for words. First, is there a 4-Loxin? Or a 6-Loxin? And why isn't it Five-Loxin or Fi-Loxin? I mean, when did a number become a letter? And then the word Loxin. Is that the plural of Lox? Is this a product based on smoked salmon?

We actually discuss this stuff. And then start with the play on words. And then incorporate it into our personal language. Obviously we need a lot of help. Either that or no more snow days.

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Blogger Elaine said...

I'd probably fit right in. My first thought, when I see a Christian Scientist church with the signboard "First Church of Christ, Scientist" is to wonder if there isn't a Second Church of Christ, Scientist or if there's a First Church of Christ, Beautician....I mean, the possibilities are endless!

30/1/09 2:59 AM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Do you listen to Public Radio? The two of you would love A Way With Words and Wait, Wait, don't tell me! I think the second was the source of my new favorite phrase about Illinois' Ex-Gov: He puts the goober in Gubernatorial.

30/1/09 5:29 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

I love Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. I'm totally obsessed with it. The Boy isn't so enamoured but he will listen in. And participate. He doesn't have quite the quickness you need yet. I think a few thousand more games of Scrabble might get him more prepared.

30/1/09 7:31 PM  

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