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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Starting off the new year with a bang!

The Girl was home all day today. That never happens. I mean NEVER. She goes absolutely bonkers if she doesn't have something social to do. But today she didn't even whine about going out. She slept late, she worked on finishing up the painting in her room, she talked mucho smack on the telephone much of the day, and then got all ticked at me for basically asking her to do something other than hide out in her room. Like get all of her crap out of my room, especially the mountain of clothing on my bed that she picked up off her floor and carried to my room, claiming she was 'cleaning' her room. OK then.

The second the phone was finally free, I called a friend for some advice on IKEA furniture, and of course the Girl had to interrupt me countless time because it is apparently in the kid's contract to bother mom on the phone forever and ever amen. Every time I waved her away she would do something new, raising her hand, writing me notes, interjecting commentary. What she wanted was for me to take her out to dinner. As if. It's freaking 12 degrees outside. The driveway is glare ice. The car has not been dug out since the snow storm New Years Eve. And the pesky financial situation hasn't changed either.

I get off the phone, go in and make a turkey breast and some rice pilaf, and all of a sudden she's no longer starving, she's puking in the bathroom. Twice.

It was like a switch got turned on. She was fine and complaining about being starving one second, the next she was tossing her cookies with a fever. She complained her throat felt like it was closing up and she had a vicious headache. Within minutes. So weird.

Of course she will not take any medication, not even tylenol, because it's "not natural". This from the kid that takes an hour to put on makeup, colors and straightens her hair, and eats candy as a required food group. I have no clue as to how her mind works, honestly.

So, she's sick, her brother brought home a friend to sleep over but still hasn't cleaned out that mold cave he calls a bedroom, and I'm totally bemused by them both.

Happy frigging new year indeed!

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Blogger Ora said...

Rosie is also working on cleaning up her room since I ordered her new bed and desk and they have actually arrived!!! So now she wants to clean. Amazing.

2/1/09 8:31 AM  
Blogger Daisy said...

She wants natural? Bicarbonate of soda. Gross, but natural.
Love your birch trees!

2/1/09 11:28 AM  
Blogger Margaret Cloud said...

I hope you had a nice new years day if you can, cheer up they will change, maybe, anyway I wish your year to be happy.

2/1/09 7:12 PM  

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