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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Statistics and commentary on Gaza vs Israel

Some mind-blowing statistics:
  • Number of rockets fired into Israel since Dec 27: 565
  • Number of mortar shells fired into Israel since Dec 27: 200
  • Number of rockets fired into Israel since beginning 2005: 5700
  • Number of mortar shells fired into Israel since beginning 2005: 4000
  • Number of rockets fired into Israel in 2008: 2000+
  • Number of mortar shells fired into Israel in 2008: 1600+
  • Number of rockets fired into Israel during 6-month “truce”: 361
  • Number of mortar shells fired into Israel during 6-month “truce”: 303
  • Number of people killed by rockets and mortar shells since firing began in 2000: 37
  • Number of people wounded by rockets and mortar shells since beginning of Operation Cast Lead: 1272
And yet the UN condemns Israel once again. Can you say corrupt organization? I sure can.

The IDF yet again warning citizens of the danger of remaining in targeted buildings. Yup, WARNING people before they shell. Just like those delightful Palestinians.... NOT.

Oh man, the people are starving in Gaza. Just look at all that pretend food in the very scary market. Let's just watch all the bombs go off and not even tuck our women and children away in safe places. Great idea!

San Francisco, shame on you. SHAME. You scream diversity, you pretend to be the hippest place on earth, you constantly shout about morality and how much better your citizens are than any other place on earth. Alevai a big earthquake comes and knocks every single one of you off the face of the earth. For you are the lowest form of pond scum. If you are a Jew living in the Bay Area, do not be surprised if they come for you first. They hate you. Every one of you. They want you gone. The hatred of these people is palpable. The stupidity, the ignorance, the arrogance, the lack of reasoning ability... why would ANYONE chose to be affiliated with this disgusting display of humanity devoid of rationality? The entire populace makes me sick. The people that do nothing, that sit and allow this to go on in their streets? What makes you better than any other do-nothing Polish pretender in 1945? Nothing. You are the same. You smell the burning flesh and you turn your head and pretend it isn't happening. You are guilty. You allow the police to behave in such a racist manner and you do nothing. You are at fault. You make me sick.

What a lovely family photo. They must be so proud of bringing up a new generation of terrorist potential suicide bombers!

Hmm, I'm thinking back to some of the Asian wars of the past. Those Japanese were some lovely warriors. They certainly were just the BEST of the best in treating POWs well, weren't they? And those Koreans. Well, aren't they known for being just the ding dang doodle of horrible governments to their own people? Oh the Chinese. They NEVER have a single complaint about human rights, do they? Shall I go on, or do we see the absolutely hypocrasy of this stupid woman and her ignorance of her own culture's war crimes.

This shows the abject stupidity of the people of San Francisco. Do they not know that the ONLY middle-east country where they would not be KILLED for being gay is.... hold on.... Israel? Do they not know that being gay in any Muslim country is a recipe for being stoned or hanged. Immediately, as in Sharia law. I mean, do these people read? Do they even KNOW that they look so freaking stupid to anyone that has even the most vapid view of muslim law? You almost have to feel sorry for people this uneducated and so easily coerced into being politically correct. You have to wonder what Harvey Milk would have said if he had seen these morons in action.

And never a good anti-Israel protest without plenty of comparisons to Nazi Germany, the Warsaw Ghetto, and the killing concentration camps of the Nazis. Because there are so many Palestinians being herded into the showers every single day, aren't they? These comparisons are particularly heinous when they are carried by Americans from a country that refused entry to the Jews subsequently killed in the camps. But again, when you live in San Francisco, your brain tends to rot from all that diverse political correctness and you become so freaking stupid you can't find your way out of a cardboard box, so why not make comparisons that are so off the mark as to once again just make your stupidity shine.

This poor girl is confused. Is Israel facist or a nazi state. Which is it, Ms Brainiac? Because in truth, if you're discussing types of government, Israel is a DEMOCRATIC state. With an elected Parliment.

This poor fellow believes that the Swastika is a letter. It isn't. Geesh, only 26 letters in the Roman alphabet and he's too stupid to learn them all.

This is nice. It says that Judaism is WORSE than Nazis. Worse. Hmm, 12 million people dead in less than 10 years. Not only the 6 million Jews, but every GAY person they could find, gypsys, disabled people, mentally ill people. Now THAT is something to be just pushed away into the dust of memory. Because those Jews...they are even worse!

Not even sure what they are trying to say with this one. History certainly disputes this claim, but then again, if you're from San Francisco, you don't know any history. You know all about that great sunny weather and paying 3 times what any normal thinking person would to live in that hellhole, but you sure don't know history.

I have to wonder where all those FABULOUS BlogHers were. You know, the ones that are too cool for school and pretend to be all politically correct and so informed about the middle east. They live in San Francisco. Where were they? Having their lattes at Starbucks with their laptops open and their minds totally closed? I thought so.

God, I hate that city. Such an embarassment to the rest of the USA. What a shonda.

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Blogger corey g said...

I want to thank you for opening my eyes on what is going on between Israel and Gaza. I googled “the facts about gaza vs. Israel” and your blog came up. I am ashamed that there are people that are comparing what is going on to the Nazis. I have a person living down the street from me that has signs in front of his house saying “Death to Israel Baby Killers /AntiChrists” and “Blood thirsty Jews! Antichrist Bastards Kill an Israeli make the world a better place!” This guy lives right across the street from an elementary school. I swear people should have to take a test and apply for a permit before they are allowed to spew their idiotic propaganda. Again thank you for your very informative and well thought out blog. With your permission I would like to add a link to my myspace page, but I would need someone to walk me through the process. Thanks
Corey Gooch babybackking@yahoo.com

14/1/09 8:06 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

Corey, you can complain to the police if those signs are in plain site. That equals a hate crime and he could easily be prosecuted for that. There is no difference between his signs and swastikas on a synagogue. Hate is hate, and that's what he's exhibiting.

15/1/09 12:06 AM  
Blogger I am Barking Mad said...

My mom is Jewish and I love how she embraces her religion and saturates herself in the antiquity and heritage of it. However, having said that, she's going to Israel this summer and I am terrified. Americans aren't exactly beloved in the middle east, and whilst I know we have a better rep in Israel, my fear remains solid; anything could happen whilst she's there.

Thanks for the stats. It would be nice for a change if our own media here in the states would provide information like this instead of attempting to vilify Israel.


15/1/09 2:19 PM  
Blogger CassEsq said...

This is Mommily. Barking Mad sent me over here to read your superb post. Thank you.
As a convert who has studied Israel and her history for more than fifty years, I can only say to those who side with Hammas, Hizbollah, Iran and the like: Grow up. It is not "sexy" to align yourselves with the faux-oppressed. They are oppressed not by Israel's existence but because they have bought into the bullcrap spouted by their real oppressors -- their own "elected" representatives.
Golda Meier said it best:
There will only be peace when they [the Arabs and their allies] love THEIR children MORE than they hate us [Jews].

15/1/09 5:50 PM  
Blogger corey g said...

In response to calling the police. I did that already. They said that since it was on his property he could put up whatever signs he wanted to. I have been contemplating calling the local news on the issue.

17/1/09 12:28 AM  
Blogger sapewady said...

If you are a HUMAN and unbiased, please check this article http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/jan/07/gaza-israel-palestine hopefully it will OPEN your eyes. We can't stop FIRE with FIRE. What if you're red indian fighting for peace but finally get SWEPT away from your homeland, think about it -Peace

21/1/09 12:30 PM  

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