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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

TexMex Lasagna: Aftermath

First thing I want to say is, if you aren't a cook that prepares a mise en place before you cook, I suggest you do so for this recipe. There is a lot of preparation and switching off plates, bowls, and frying pans. It's not hard to cook, but it's kind of big on prepping. Just a warning.

We made this dish tonight, a few days later than we had originally planned. The Boy LOVED it. I thought it was rather bland on seasoning, and the next time I make it I'll add a lot more heat and spice to the recipe. But it was good and very filling. Just a bit bland for me.

The prep, as I said, was time consuming and it really did take two cooks to get the recipe cooked in a reasonable time frame. You had to do the meat first, then the beans, then the veggies and lastly the tortillas. Each used a frying pan, although I used two pans, one nonstick for the beans and tortillas, and my All-Clad master chef for the meat and veggies.

Putting it all together took no time at all, although my math was a bit off and I ended up one tortilla short on the 3rd layer. No harm done, it was absolutely fine.

Once it baked for 35 minutes we dug in right away and ate it. The Girl tasted a miniscule amount but she's not really a fan of meat and declared it 'yucky'. No hard feelings, she says that about almost everything. So not an adventurous eater, that one.

The Girl grated the cheese and she plum tuckered herself out well before the requisite 4 cups of cheese was grated. I went with what the had done, and it wasn't as cheesy as it could have been. Next time I use the cuisinart. Machines don't complain. YWIM?

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