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Monday, January 26, 2009

This week in Israel and Gaza

Did you ever wonder how Hamas turns it's childen into Heros?

Poor Jimmy Carter. He kinda sucked as a President, he couldn't deal with the Iranians and the hostage situation, and now he's so deluded he believes anything Hamas tells him. I think it's time for Jimmy to stay down on the peanut farm and shut his trap about international relations. When Meredith Viera knows more than he does about Hamas, it's just plain sad.

Pigs DO fly. Hamas bears full responsibility for the war in Gaza, a top EU official said Monday in the Strip, calling the group "a terrorist movement."

Guess how that same article was reported in the Palestinian news?
EU commissioner visits Gaza, confirms Israel violated international law; calls for long-term ceasefire

Needless to say, the report does not contain any mention of Michel’s outright condemnation of Hamas, although there is a small mention of his referring to Hamas rocket attacks as terrorism.

Tunnels? Remember those tunnels that the IDF went after? Here's a report from Al Jizz about one particular tunnel. Tell me what is so disturbing about this particular story. Bonus points if you notice something amiss about the reporter.

A must read article from Sydney Australia. Hamas hijacks ambulances in conflict. What a shock!

The pope just reinstated this whacko. Now the big question is, where did all those people in Europe disappear to, if there were no gas chambers? Did they just walk off the face of the earth?

Needless to say, the Simon Wiesenthal center is a leetle bit ticked off with Il Papa.

An astoundingly beautiful and poignant post from a Soldier's Mother.

The UN's perennially biased language against Israel.

UN agency condemns Israel, enables terror. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) is a constant source of criticism of Israeli policies, typically blaming Israel for the suffering in the Gaza Strip without acknowledging the role Palestinian leaders, Hamas especially, have played in causing suffering in the territory. Yet another in the unending examples of UN bias. And they wonder why Jews hate them. I can't imagine why!

Here's a very good collection of video from various recent anti-Israel (pro-Hamas) rallies by The Investigative Project. It's a good one to circulate amongst those of your friends who may not have been paying attention:

This is frightening. It is very similar to the late 1930's in Germany, when the inhilation of the Jews was imminent. The rise in anti-semitism in the USA and in Europe is happening, and it is every person's duty to quell this rise by teaching our children how heinous this is. We need to ensure that holocaust deniers are confronted, that the history of Nazism began with behavior just like you see here, and that we have to be ever vigilent in ensuring that this cannot ever happen again.

Never again. Never again.

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Blogger Joanna said...

Thanks, this made for some major WTF moments. And I agree, it's scary. I live in Germany and sadly, this seems to be the least antisemitic country in Europe...which probably means it's the least antisemitic country worldwide. I wrote a post the other day about just how much they love us here...
As to that one video, what's NOT wrong about it? I found it interesting that the guy could come up with 90,000$, yet claims to need money to send his kids to school. I don't think the cost of living is that high in Gaza. I also liked how they always say that the Israelis "claim", "accuse", etc. (i.e. "lie" in journalist lingo) and the Palestinians tell the truth (OF COURSE, poor suppressed people...). Yeah, and my favorite was the claim that Israel practically cuts them off from food and medicine. Nice propaganda job...

26/1/09 10:56 PM  
Blogger Joanna said...

Oh, and Mike Kirsch isn't exactly a Muslim name, is it?

26/1/09 11:08 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

Joanna, you got it! Both of the things that were a bit suspicious about this clip. 90,000 is a LOT Of money and he claims that he had American backers. I think he means Muslim-American backers.

27/1/09 1:03 AM  

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