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Saturday, February 28, 2009

After the acceptance to college

I don't think I've mentioned that the Boy got into the college of nobody's choice. Stubborn to the end, he only applied to one school because he honestly thought that I was going to let him lay around all year for his 'gap year'. Well, eventually it must of sunk in that there was no way in hell that I was going to let him watch TV on the sofa for a year, especially after I started researching programs in New Orleans where he could go and help rebuild the city. This mama ain't no moron! So right in the nick of time, he decided that he would fill out an application and lo and behold, he got in!

Which means that now we have an actual plan of action for next year. As he's still only 16, we looked at the schools that were commuting distance to our home. From Harvard and MIT (yeah, right!) to BU, BC, Leslie, Emerson, Wellesley, UMASS BOSTON, Tufts, Berkley.... there were so many choices it seemed almost overwhelming. He chose his school, he got in, and now we have to deal with the aftermath.

I seemed to have forgotten all the stuff you have to do post acceptance. My goodness, just the financial aid form alone could set me back years. That thing is so scary that the college offers special help filling it out. And thank goodness for that because I think I'd pass out from sobbing if I had to do it all myself. Doctor's appointments, shots, paperwork galore... it's amazing that I totally blanked all this out. But I did.

The Boy has chosen his major, he's going to be in the college of Liberal Arts, and he feels that he's done all he needs to do. In other words, if Mommy wants him to actually attend college, she needs to start nagging now. Because everything is due by May 1st. Gulp.

I'm glad that we have this settled, I really really am. I had visions of me trying to pull his gigantic kid off the sofa and it wasn't pleasant. I never thought we would get this far. Change is the one thing that the Boy has the most trouble with. He does not transition well, and the way he was handling just choosing to fill out an application was not boding well for how he was going to deal with being out of high school.

Much of this is peer pressure. As the acceptances started to roll in, and his friends all seemed to have college destinations nailed down, he felt left out. When it finally dawned on him that his friends wouldn't, for the most part, be around town next year, he decided he had to do something. Funny thing is, all of his good friends are going to college in the area as well. I think the furthest away anyone is going is Mt. Holyoke. They will all be living at their respective schools and he'll still be at home, but otherwise, they'll still see each other until they grow apart naturally.

I keep telling the Boy that it will be FINE if he chooses to transfer someplace further away once he's 18 and we're positive he will be med compliant 100% of the time. In other words, if he can remember, on his own, to take his medications daily, then he's free to fly anywhere he wants to go. But until that time, I need to watch over him and protect him, and of course to make sure that he's getting the most out of his school experience.

Mah baybee is going to college!

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Blogger Fairly Odd Mother said...

Pretty cool. I can't imagine my babies going to college but I only hope they get in to the one they really want the most.

28/2/09 5:44 PM  
Blogger iagreewithme.wordpress.com said...

Fantastic. I am so happy for you both! I know that those forms are crazy. Good luck with the entire process. I honestly thing the hardest part is over. The one thing I have said to the kids is DO NOT WASTE MY MONEY. So if they do not do what they need to do to stay in college and do well, then they will owe me a lot. Hope that the boy takes it seriously too (I think he will as he has the brains and then some!) I know some of it is about emotional maturity too, but it sounds as if he has come a long way toward that.

1/3/09 4:18 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Cool! La Petite filled out a handful of applications, narrowed her choices to two, and thanks to a last minute acceptance at one, had to make a last minute decision. It worked out well; she's thriving on her campus.

1/3/09 4:55 PM  
OpenID chloefieri said...

Congrats to the Boy, for knowing exactly where he wanted to go, and getting in. MIT is no place for a liberal arts major anyway. Is he going to do the DSP program this summer? It's a great way for kids to get early exposure to the demands of college coursework, especially when they've had the extra support in HS that the Boy has had.

1/3/09 8:27 PM  

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