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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

LOST Discussion Thursday: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

We're going for a new format that is a lot easier for me to produce. I don't have stamina right now to spend 3 or 4 hours preparing a post about an episode of Lost, especially one like tonight that was so ultimately confusing that I'm not really sure how to even begin. The biggest change you'll see is that I'm giving up on the screen caps. I like them, but they make the posts way too long and almost unreadable, and I'd rather a discussion than people just floating through to see the pictures. I hope that isn't disappointing to the 6 of you that actually read the posts.

So this week episode we know for sure that the plane crashed. Not only have we seen people from the plane on the beach, we've seen the only non-Lostie guy, sitting in business class, Carlos. Additionally, we got a good glimpse of the plane on the ground, which didn't fall apart. And we learned that the pilot, Frank Lapidus, left on one of the three outriggers with some woman. The flight attendant? Who knows?

This means that we have a brand new pile of people to indoctrinate into the ways of Ben and Locke. Which will become the reason for the war, as far as I can tell. Locke is going to hang with his others, and the Losties will incorporate the newcomers.

Locke isn't going to tolerate Ben at all now that Ben killed him in his hotel room in LA. But I have to wonder if Locke will tell anyone about what happened. It wouldn't serve him well either way. But is Charles Widmore does indeed have Locke in his pocket, and my guess is that John is screwed up enough after being killed to side with Widmore no matter what, the rivalry between Ben and Widmore will be fought by Ben and Locke while Widmore tries to figure out how to get back to the island.

Now, what I want to know is the whole Eloise connection to all of this. When they were all in the church, it was apparent that Ben wasn't in her favor and he didn't really know or trust her. He also didn't know that she was Daniel Farraday's mother. And having Locke mention her while Ben was trying to coax John down from the noose was really startling. What is her deal, anyhow?

Ok, let's move on to Abaddon. I've mentioned before how much that guy creeps me out. John recognized him as the nurse that sent him on Walkabout to Sydney and was very unsure of why Widmore paired him up with Abaddon as his driver. Which is a good question. Hurley's response when he saw Abaddon with Locke was to get slightly hysterically panicked and needed to return to the safety of the hospital. Then, just when Abaddon and Locke seem to finally get to talking, Ben takes him out? What the F was that? Obviously Ben knows that Abaddon worked for Widmore, but is that reason to kill him in broad daylight?

Loved Sayid working on his little Habitat for Humanity house in the Dominican. If they had only showed him playing some baseball, it would have been perfection. I'm still rather curious why Sayid was being deported to Guam, which is an American protectorate. It makes absolutely no sense to deport someone from American territory to American territory. But hell, I'll give the writers some license.

How about Carlos, our new friend? He's obviously looking for something. He's found maps and other information in the files, but that isn't what he's seeking, I think. But who is he, and how come he ended up in business class when everyone else was a Lostie except the federal officer, Ilana, accompanying a handcuffed Sayid.

Widmore visiting Locke in the Tunisian hospital? Creepy! Especially when he says that he was 17 when he first met Locke on the island but Locke hasn't changed one iota in 35 years. Holy crap, does that sound familiar! When they appear to make a pact to work together, I got chills. I think this is wicked dangerous territory Locke is stepping into.

Walt! WALT! Finally, the writers give us some closure on a character. He's older, he has a mustache growing, and he's happy. Plus, nobody has told him about Michael's death and Locke let him believe that his dad is on a freighter near the island. Which is technically true. Only the freighter is in pieces at the bottom of the ocean, along with Michael.

The scene in the cemetery where Locke finds out that Helen died of a brain aneurysm was really sad. Poor Locke, he really IS a failure anywhere but the island. It makes it all the more obvious why Locke wants to be on the island and why he feels so successful there.

The last scene, where Locke asks to see the injured airline passengers and finds Ben amongst them totally blew my mind. When Locke tells Carlos that Ben is that man that killed him, I was totally ticked that the show was over. I wanted so much more!

Loved this episode even though it left me more confused than ever. I feel like we're going 5 steps forward and 4 steps backward every week. The more we learn, the more confusing the whole show is.

So what did YOU think?

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Blogger Rory Stern said...

Great post as always. Just one thought -- what IF Michael somehow survived?

Unlikely, but anything on this show is possible.


26/2/09 12:02 PM  
Blogger Bobbi Lynn said...

Just wanted to say thanks for writing these. I always enjoy them! :)

26/2/09 12:41 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

I don't think Michael survived because he's going to be on another show starting soon. :-)

26/2/09 3:37 PM  
Blogger SHELLY said...

Thanks so much for these recaps. They always help me straighten out the details in my mind.
Also, did we know about Helen's existence before this episode, or was this the first we had heard of her?

1/3/09 8:16 PM  

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