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Thursday, February 12, 2009

LOST Discussion Thursday-- This place is death

I have to admit right up front that my doctor called me right in the middle of LOST. Can you believe the gall? And I had to talk to her because she's putting me in the hospital this morning, so I might have missed a detail or two. If I did, be kind.

So this was an powerful episode. I liked it a lot. It had all of the LOST moments that keep me obsessed with the show. Smokey made a most welcome and bizarre return, we finally learn why Rousseau killed her husband/boyfriend and why all the rest of her party is dead. The illness is smokey. How cool is that? This episode was like on warp speed, where we got to learn so much, and so many different things happened with so many different characters. I think I might say that this was the best episode so far this season, not for heart stopping insanity, but because we got so much information.

This Place is Death starts at the marina. Right as she's ready to kill Ben, Sun gets a call from her mom, who's busy watching Ji Yeon. Sun's daughter gets on the phone and says “Come home, mama. I miss you.” Ji Yeon is absolutely adorable and totally pinchable, as is the moment when Sun says goodbye.

Sun gets out of the car and tries to kill Ben, but he promises that he can prove Jin is alive. Sun doesn't know whether or not to believe him, but she doesn't shoot him either.

As we know from last week, Jin is alive and he's freaking out over learning that this is the same Rousseau and that it's 1988. Robert, Rousseau's main squeeze wants to find the radio tower, but communicating is difficult since a Korean and Frenchman are trying to speak in English. They set off on trek number 8,962 through the jungle.

As they walk through the jungle to the tower they hear a suspicious noise. A very specific noise. The Frenchies don't have a clue, but Jin knows what's coming - it's Smokey! He screams "RUN" but the stupid French people want to look for their missing friend Nadine, who disappeared in the jungle at the back of the group. They find Nadine, but only after Smokey drops her dead body from a tree onto the ground. It's screams all around as the see Nadine is dead and Smokey is not your run of the mill puff of black smoke.

They decide to run, but the huge, awesome pillar of black smoke rises up, stares into the eyes of a Frenchman, and takes him away. The others chase him back to the Temple, which is mysteriously covered in heiroglyphics, when Smokey goes into his hole, dragging the Frenchman with him.

His team tries to save him, all grabbing on to each other as they attempt to pull Frenchie out of Smokey's hole, but they only rip off his arm as Smokey pulls him down.

They foolishly agree to go in after him, but Jin makes Danielle stay behind.

And it's time jump number one. Jin goes through the time jump, but it's a pretty recent jump because he comes across two dead Frenchmen laying on the beach.

A still-pregnant Danielle is pointing her gun at Robert because she claims the monster stole his soul.

He says the monster is just a security system for the Temple, and tries to sweet talk her into lowering her rifle, She finally starts to put it down, but then he tries to shoot her.

Danielle shoots him dead and essentially kills off the last member of her team infected with the monster's sickness. It seems the monster's sickness isn't the same as the time jump sickness or the virus sickness.

Danielle sees Jin coming towards her on the beach and assumes he is also infected, but he goes through another time jump before getting shot.

He winds up with another gun pointed at him, but it's Sawyer. Jin is reunited with some of his friends who try their best to explain what's happening. Jin looks confused and stunned not only to see them, but to learn that some of the Losties actually have left the island, including Sun.

They’re finally able to explain the plan to have Locke leave the Island and bring the Oceanic 6 back at the Orchid thanks to the fact that Charlotte speaks Korean. Now I remember that Jin figured out before all the time jumping that she understood Korean, but I guess he forgot. Is her ability to speak fluent Korean an overly convenient coincidence or part of a bigger mystery?

Once the whole situation is explained, Jin doesn’t want to bring his wife back. He doesn't want her to come back to the island because the island is death. Yup, it sure the hell is.

On their way to the Orchid, the Losties time jump again (#2), only now the jumps come with more painful headaches and strange noises. And nosebleeds for Sawyer and Juliet. Miles also had one last week, so they are all becoming infected with the Time Traveling Blues or whatever this disease is. Sawyer is even more pissed when they have a another time jump (#3) immediately following. When they’re back, Charlotte faints again and this time she speaks jibberish and tells Jin not to let them bring her to the Orchid, where they are heading, because “this place is death.” She's obviously dying, and with each time jump she gets more confused.

Locke wants to leave Charlotte behind as they continue to the Orchid, but Faraday won’t allow it. After another sudden time jump (#4) and some more of her gibberish, Locke and the others go to the Orchid but Daniel opts to stay with Charlotte in a touching scene. Charlotte tells the Losties to look for the well, where they will find the way to get Locke to the Orchid. When they get to the Orchid it looks like it's almost been swallowed by the jungle, much more than the last time we saw it. Then another time jump (#5) makes it vanish. Luckily a well is nearby, but how did Charlotte know about it?

And how did Locke know how to find it?

At the Orchard, Jin doesn’t want Locke to bring Sun back to the island, so he makes him promise that if he sees her, Locke will tell Sun that Jin is dead, and he gives Locke his wedding ring as proof.

Locke looks at the ring in his palm and promises Jin that he will indeed try and keep Sun from coming back to the Island. And if you believe Locke, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you cheap.

Locke decides to go down the well, and grabs a rope and starts shimmying down.

As he's about half way down, there is yet another time jump and Locke falls to the bottom of the well, a very long way down.

At the top of the well, our Losties are now staring at a rope going down into a big pile of dirt. The well is gone.

Meanwhile, Charlotte is telling Faraday about why she is on the island. She lived on the Island before when her parents worked for the DHARMA Initiative. But one day she left after a scary man told her she had to leave and never come back or she would die. She left with her mother, but her father remained. When she was in England, her mother told her that she imagined the island. So she became an anthropologist to find the island. (Totally lame. Anthropology is the study of man, and it has NOTHING to do with finding mysterious islands.)

Charlotte thinks that the mean man was Daniel Faraday! Daniel looks astounded and wants to know more. He tells her that he saw Desmond and told Daniel to find his mother, who will make everything OK. Charlotte sputters out some more nonsense before dying. She might be dead, but I suspect we’ll see Charlotte again on the Island. Dead doesn't necessarily mean gone on our Island.

Locke is at the bottom of the well hurt with something gross sticking out of his leg. He's moaning and groaning in pain, but all of a sudden he sees a mysterious shadow of a man. It is someone coming to help John Locke: the every mysterious Joseph/Christian Shephard!

Locke wants to know why things didn't happen the way Joseph/Shepard said they would, and Christian says he’s very disappointed that John didn’t listen to him and move the Island himself. In letting Ben do it, more problems appeared so he now asks Locke to go and readjust the broken donkey wheel. Christian tells Locke how to find the wheel, which is kind of glowing and then going dark.

After a lot of struggle, Locke moves the wheel and the room glows.

Before leaving, Christian asks him to say hi to his son. But Locke disappears before he can find out who this man’s son is.

In the marina, back in the present, Ben is able to use that silver tongue of his to get Sun to come with him to the one person who can show her the proof that Jin is alive. He tells her that it will take 30 minutes and this person will prove that Jin is alive. Sayid and Kate leave, refusing to go anywhere with Ben. Sayid threatens Jack as he leaves, saying that he never wants to see him again.

On the car ride over, Sun and Jack talk about who wants to kill Ben more, which makes Ben totally pissed as he pulls the car over. He yells at them to just shoot him now or shut up and let him drive. They tell him to drive on, and he pulls the van back onto the highway.

In the van, Ben swears that if Jack and Sun only knew the number of times he’s saved them, they would be thanking him every day of the week. They agree and Ben drives them to a church where he gives Sun Jin’s ring and explains that he got it from Locke. He also promises that the woman inside can help them go back. Sun wants to know why Locke never gave it to her, but Ben has no answer.

As they're standing beside the van in the church's driveway, Desmond shows up!

He wonders if they’re here for the same reason he is, to find Faraday’s mother. Ben gets this very annoyed look on his face that suggests either he wasn’t aware of the fact that Ms. Hawking is Daniel’s mother or that he didn't want that known to the other Oceanic 6 survivors.

Ben, Sun, Jack and Desmond go inside to meet Eloise Hawking.

She wants to know where the rest are, since Aaron, Kate, Sayid and Hurley are not there. Ben says that she didn't give him enough time. She replies that it will do for now, so she promises to get started.

And fade to black.

Questions and Comments:

Although nothing particulary newsworthy or jaw dropping happened, this episode helped move the storyline along to get our Losties back to the Island as well as filling in more of the back story. Now we know more about Rousseau, Charlotte, and even a bit more about Daniel.

I'm still rather confused about Smokey. Is it only a security device, or is it more? Where did it come from, and why does it go after certain people and not others?

Daniel Faraday seems to be very prominent in the back story this season. But we don't know much about who he is, and who his mother is.

Is Christian Shepard Joseph, is there really a Joseph at all? And what is his connection to the Island?

We know that Locke ends up in Los Angeles, but how did he die? We know he was alive when he got there because he spoke to our Losties, but now I have to wonder, is he really dead? Really really really dead? I am thinking that he's not.

The temple is Smokie's home turf. But didn't Ben tell us a while back that the Temple was the only safe place on the island? What's up with that?

Now that Locke has turned the wheel and set the room to glowing, is this going to stop the time jumps? And if so, when are we? I think we're in 1988 at the beginning on the beach, but we've had 6 time jumps since then, as we really haven't had many clues as to what the time is.

Hieroglyphics. On the Temple. Explain.

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Blogger debra said...

My first time here! Both of my daughters are Losties. #1 is a college student in NYC while #2 is home. They text each other: "can you believe it?" "I don't get it" etc.
I hope your stay in the hospital is a short one and not too difficult.

12/2/09 8:56 AM  

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