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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

LOST Discussion Thursday

The Little Prince was not my favorite episode of the season thus far. I think a lot of the episode was filler to explain previous flashbacks and flashforwards, and there were very few AHA! moments. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't one of those OMG episodes.

The episode starts back on the Penny's boat, The Searcher, shortly after the Oceanic 6 made it off the Island. Kate asks Jack what they should do about Aaron and she comes up with the idea of pretending Aaron is hers, and while Jack is skeptical, he agrees so long as she's willing to go along with him in The Lie. Jack says that he can't be the only one to go along with the lie, they all need to lie and they all need to agree upon it. Which they already did, if you recall.

Next we see Kate in Sun's hotel room, trying on a dress. It's three years later, and Sun loans Kate a dress so she can run an "errand" while she leaves Aaron with Sun, minibar candy and 100 channels on TV. It is obvious that Sun knows what the "errand" is and that it's possibly dangerous.

Just as Kate leaves the hotel with Aaron chomping down on french fries, Sun gets a special delivery package. It's a dossier with photos of Ben with Jack.

There are photos of Jack and Ben together in the dossier. Sun does not look remotely pleased to see them together. Remember, she blames Ben for Jin's death and is out to kill him.

The package also includes a 2 lb box of Godiva chocolates with something special inside. No, not chocolate covered cherries, though that would be delicious. It's a gun packed underneath a layer of real chocolates! Sun is quite familiar with using firearms, and picks up the revolver and tucks it into her purse.

Kate visits the lawyer Mr Norton that had come to her house demanding a blood sample, and tries to strike up a deal where she promises to give the blood sample if she can first speak to the mystery client. Norton doesn't think this is reasonable and attempts to make the exchange of custody as smooth as possible. Kate had no clue that custody was part of the deal, and she is worried, because Norton promises that “You're going to lose the boy.” Kate is horribly upset. She has no intention of losing Aaron.

At the hospital, Jack is still treating Sayid but gets pulled away by another doctor who tells him that he isn't supposed to treat patients. He was reminded that he's on suspension for substance abuse.

As she's bitching at him, he gets a phone call from Hurley who says everything is fine because he's in jail. We see Hurley talking on the phone wearing the traditional but lovely orange prison jump suit. The sight of Hurley in an orange jumpsuit is wicked funny. I'm not sure what was funnier, the jump suit or the shit-zhu t-shirt.

Back at the hospital, a "male nurse" visits Sayid and says he's there to give him his medication. Since Sayid isn't a regular patient that was checked in, he wouldn't have a chart, so Sayid is clued in that this man is a fake nurse and probably an assasin, so Sayid takes him out after getting an address from the man's pocket. When Jack comes back into the room, he sees the fake nurse with a bunch of darts in his chest and Sayid holding the paper he took from the pocket.

He asks Jack if he knows anyone at this address, and it turns out to be Kate's address. Jack calls to warn her, but she's busy stalking Norton so he might lead her to his client. Jack begs her to let him meet up with him and she agrees. Meanwhile, Ben and Sayid head off to get Hurley out of jail.

Jack meets up with Kate in her car parked across from Attorney Norton's office. She tells him about what the lawyer told her about custody of Aaron. They talk about it, and then Kate sees Norton leaves and forces Jack to hop in the car to stalk him with her.

They follow Norton in his big black Lawyer Mobile, aka Mercedes, and track him to a hotel where he goes inside to meet "his client".

Jack and Kate get a glimpse of the "client". It's Claire’s mother Carole Littleton.

Now Kate is sure that Carole knows the truth and will be able to get Aaron away from Kate. She's panicked.

When Norton leaves the hotel a few minutes later, it’s pouring, and Kate lets Jack go talk to Claire’s mom to fix it. Jack meets with Carole, who is busy staring at a photo of her “dead” daughter. Jack explains everything, but she has no idea what he’s talking about. He runs back to Kate and explains that Carole is only in town to pick up the settlement check from Oceanic Airlines, and Kate clearly doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that her lawyer happens to be the same one asking questions. But it's obvious that Carole isn't the person suing for custody. She didn't even know who Aaron was.

At the same time, Ben and Sayid arrive at the courthouse where Ben’s lawyer tells him there’s no real case against Hurley. The guy he's accused of killing was dead hours before Hurley escaped from the looney bin. Oh yeah, and the lawyer is Dan Norton. It now appears certain that Ben was behind the custody lawsuit as a way to get Kate to take Aaron and go back to the Island with him.

Leaving the hotel lot, Jack and Kate go to the marina to meet up with Ben and Sayid. When Kate sees Ben, she assumes that Ben was the one behind the lawyer. Jack denies it, but Ben admits that it was him. “Sorry,” he says, in the most hilarious way possible. Meanwhile, these four are being watched by Sun, who is in her car with Aaron, armed and dangerous. And of course, Aaron is NOT in a car seat. This is really pissing me off, people. You would think that two fairly responsible mothers would have a child 3 years old in a car seat.

Back on the Island, Juliet tries to take care of Charlotte,who is still suffering from time travel. Juliet confronts Daniel, asking if he knows why Charlotte had a seizure. He says the sickness is like really bad jet lag that’s a result of the time jumps. However, he’s a bit squirrely when Juliet asks why it’s not happening to everyone else. He claims he doesn't know, but she's suspicious. As well she should be. Daniel gets more and more mysterious as the show continues.

Meanwhile, at another point on the island while they were heading to the beach, Locke tells Sawyer that they should take the Zodiac to travel around the Island to the Orchid Station so he can leave the Island and get the Oceanic 6 to come back. Sawyer is against the idea, so Locke tries to persuade him by promising the return of Kate. Sawyer agrees, but not happily.

Charlotte finally wakes up, disoriented but fine, and the site of Daniel getting his true love back is enough to melt Sawyer’s heart so he decides to take everyone to the Orchid, where Locke has said he can figure out how to get off the island the way Ben did. And then we have a time flash and it's night and they are in the middle of the jungle. Still heading toward the beach to get the Zodiac, they see a pillar of light and Locke is spooked by it. Do you recognize the beam? It’s the light from the Hatch when Locke banged on it, putting us around Boone’s death.

It’s also when Aaron was born, and as they're walking through the jungle the all hear a woman screaming. Sawyer goes to investigate, where he sees Kate telling Claire to push so she can deliver her baby. Aww, Sawyer saw Aaron being born, awesome. Kate tells Claire that Aaron is everyone's baby and that they will all take care of him. That, dear readers, is called foreshadowing.

Sawyer watches the birth with such sadness on his face. He's seeing Kate and he is so close he can reach out and touch her. Later he and Juliet talk about it, and he says he didn't contact Kate because it wasn't worth it in the long run. He looks so miserable.

There’s another time jump and they head to their camp, where the Zodiac is missing as is all their food and Vincent. All that's left of the dog is the leash. However, there are two large outrigger canoes containing Ajira Airlines bottled water.

Seems Ajira is an Indian Airlines that flies all over the southern part of the world. They hop in a outrigger to paddle to the Orchid Station, but midway through the trip, the other outrigger canoe shows up behind them and the people inside are shooting at them. They paddle harder until there’s another time jump that leaves them in the middle of a rain storm.

They make it to land and find fresh wreckage with French writing. Meanwhile, Miles and Juliet are both getting nosebleeds. On the water, a group of Frenchmen in a large lifeboat are paddling to the Island shore.

They are in the middle of the water when they see a body floating in the water. The pick it up, and it’s...Jin! He’s alive!!!

They bring Jin back to land and we see five Frenchman and one young Frenchwoman. A very pregnant Frenchwoman. A very pregnant Frenchwoman named Danielle Rousseau!

She's so pretty and young, so we know it's when her ship was lost in the big storm, 16 years ago.

She is helping Jin to come back to life and brings him a nice big canteen of water.

Questions and Comments

Have you noticed that every time jump seems to coincide with the arrival of a new group of people on the island? Now, this could be a convenient way to keep the viewers up to date with the happenings they are already familiar with, but it also could mean something significant in the time travel story.

Where did those outrigger canoes come from? They seemed awfully large to time travel, and as we've learned, inanimate objects don't seem to time travel, so where did they come from and who do they belong to?

When Ben says that everyone has to go back, does this mean that Desmond must as well? Even though he wasn't one of the original survivors nor was he part of the Oceanic 6?

Who were the group of people shooting at our Losties in the outrigger canoe?

How come the temporal displacement seems to be hitting not only Charlotte, but Miles and Sawyer? Will everyone eventually get it?

If Jin is skipping in time too, how long has he been in the water? And if he survived the ship blowing up, was he the only one? Or are there still some militants out there floating on the water?

Next week's promo shows Ben telling Sun that Jin is still alive. Will she believe him, and what can he do to convince her? What little trick does he have up his sleeve.

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Blogger mamatulip said...

I wondered that about the boat, too. How did it travel through time? I mean, that thing was GIGANTIC.

Great recap, Margalit!

5/2/09 8:21 AM  
Blogger oh amanda said...

I'm with you on the car seat---but I'm wondering how he ever survived on The Island AND on the way home b/c Claire NEVER nursed him and I never saw any Dharma formula laying around. Seriously. What was he eating when they were on Penny's boat?!

Great recap! Here's mine:

5/2/09 2:13 PM  
Blogger theotheramy said...

Great recap, as always.

I loved the way Sawyer was looking at Kate when she was delivering Claire's baby. Such emotion on his face---it was beautiful.

Favorite line of the show; when Sawyer looks to the sky when they were escaping and time was shifting and says "Thank you Lord" and then when they ended up in the storm he said "I take that back." I cracked up at that.
My question is--how do some people jump time together while others don't? I mean, Locke was sitting there talking with Richard Alpert and Sawyer and Juliet were a little ways off. How did Locke jump time with the two of them, but not with Richard, who was sitting right next to him?

6/2/09 9:40 AM  

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