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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More fun filled medical news

I went to two doctors today, because going to just one isn't really cool anymore. I mean everyone does one doctor's appointment, but how many people do two in a row? Plus lab tests. Yup, another fun filled day!

My cardiologist has prescribed another diuretic for me. It isn't instead of Lasix, it's in addition to Lasix. So I'm now not only increasing my Lasix more twice a day to 200 mgs, I'm also adding this new medication that I take 1/2 hour before Lasix, which gives everything a jump start. If I don't start shedding pounds now, it's hi-ho hi-ho, off to the hospital I go. Wheee!

Life freaking rocks.

I don't get why my body is refusing to shed all this water weight. I mean I seem to do nothing but pee all day long, and yet.... my weight continues to go up and my abdomin is more and more bloated every day. It's all so weird.

You know what the real irony in all this is? I had to do a bunch of labs downstairs, and the doctor didn't mention that one of the tests was a urine test. So of course I needed to pee right after my appointment, and then headed down to the lab. The technologist handed me the little cup and I tried. I really really tried. But I could not pee. I was in the bathroom for a full half hour with that little damn cup held up to my nether bits, and not a drop.

And then, the second I get home? I have to pee. I just couldn't believe the irony in all this. My body sure is a temple.

And speaking of Temples, on the way home I was behind a little silver car with the license plate that said "Rabbi". I had to look, and sure enough, it was some lubavitcher. Excellent!

More doctor appointments next week, and I got to schedule my annual boob squashing, my "look at my cervix" appointment, and an appointment with a new psychopharm because I want to change my AD.

The weirdest thing about all this medical stuff is that I'm in a really good mood today. It all just flowed right off my back, just the way it should.

Update: Doctor called during LOST. She says I have to go into the hospital tomorrow. Could be for a week. Next week is school vacation. I have no clue as to what I am going to do with the kids. This REALLY sucks!

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Blogger Daisy said...

That's a good attitude! The cup is always half full. Well, maybe not the lab test beaker.

11/2/09 9:26 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

Oh no, what crappy timing. Not that there's ever a good time to go into the hospital.

I wish I lived close enough to help out.

12/2/09 2:46 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

Oh, and feel better and get well soon!

12/2/09 2:47 AM  

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