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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stimulous Package too centrist?

I've been watching the Republicans screw up the stimulus package for the past couple of weeks. My low opinion of Republicans has fallen even lower while I watched a proposed plan that would provide many jobs, help out homeowners in trouble, and give local aid to cities and states, as well as building and repairing American infrastructure become more and more watered down. I cannot believe that the Republicans, who have been crying "bipartisan" for years, have become even more partisan than ever. And John McCain. Shut the fuck up and get a clue. You lost. You lost because your ideas were old and have been proven not to work. You don't, as usual, have a frigging clue as to what the American people want or need. Go retire and play golf. Really. Get the hell out of Washington and do us all a favor and never set foot back into politics again.

I am livid that Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans acted like such spoiled bad losers. I pray that every single one of these morons comes up for re-election and is shoved out by their constituents that are losing homes, having trouble feeding their families as they stand on the unemployment line, and are mad as hell. Because I'm mad as hell, and my senators are Kerry and Kennedy, and both of them get what the Republicans refuse to see. The American people are hurting, and proposing more trickle down economics and tax breaks doesn't work. We don't need a few buck extra per week in tax breaks. We need a banking system that is strictly regulated because they can't regulate themselves. We need to put people back to work. People want to work, but they can't if business keeps shedding jobs because of the crazy banking system and the inability to get a loan.

I know that most of my readers get it. But if you're living in a state that has crumbling bridges, potholes the size of craters, schools falling apart, children not being educated due to the huge class sizes and that ridiculous NCLB law which is required but unfunded, perhaps you might want to contact your elected federal officials. Tell them how angry you are that this stimulus package was so watered down. Tell them that you support any program that provides jobs for people, even if it's a simple as green retrofitting the federal buildings in Washington. Tell them to open their eyes and see that it's 2009 and we're making up for 8 long years of hell, and we do not want to repeat one more stupid Bush mistake. We voted overwhelmingly for change. We want change. We do not want more of the same, and yet what did the Republicans vote for? The same old same old.

Vote them out of office. They don't deserve to represent their constituents. They deserve to go back to their million dollar homes and write books nobody wants to read. Just like nobody wants to hear their tired old songs. It's time to really do a clean up in Washington, and those freaking jackasses must go!

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