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Monday, February 16, 2009

They made me watch videos

I 'll be honest. I'm the most cooperative patient on earth. I'll do pretty much anything they ask of me without complaint except the IV potassium because it burns like a mother and it takes hours to go in. I'd rather drink the juice concoction they mix up with the potassium and choke it down. But otherwise, I'll let students examine me, I'll say yes to every single survey they want me to fill out, and I'll even agree to take part in studies. I take all my meds, I eat what I'm supposed to, I don't cheat and drink more water even with the FOUR sinks in my room.

But I draw the line at today's activities. They made me watch a series of the lamest videos I've ever seen. It was like Heart Failure for Dummies parts 1-19. Not only was it the most simplified information possible, but it was pretented to two actors that played the parts of concerned older doctor and perky helpful nurse. They were just ridiculously silly, but I did it. I watched them. Because I want to please the powers that be. I need to be cooperative.

So what did I learn from the videos? I learned absolutely nothing I didn't already know. Between Dr Google and various books, I'm pretty well versed in the causes, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Congestive Heart Failure. I could probably diagnose it myself. The one video that touched on the importance of taking your medications almost put me to sleep. Are there really people out there with a serious heart problem that would just blow off their meds?

Anyhow, that's what my day has been like, and now I'm back to HGTV where the Canadians are renovating anything and everything in order to make more income properties.

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Blogger Daisy said...

There's a new career for someone: make new patient videos! Hope you're resting (when the videos don't put you to sleep, that is).

16/2/09 8:05 PM  

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